Wall exhaust fans are ideal for cooling and exhausting low-pressure environments. Removing stale, humid, or contaminated air from the building keeps everyone inside safer and more comfortable, and it helps protect any equipment or products in the room. Exhaust fans also help your HVAC system run more efficiently. We're proud to carry Panel/Venturi mounted wall exhaust fans from top-notch manufacturers like TPI, Marley, and Triangle.

As with other types of exhaust fans, you can choose between direct drive industrial wall mount fans (for low volumes of air) and belt drive versions (for higher volumes of air). Choosing a wall mount exhaust fan over a roof mount option, for example, will largely depend upon the building, the location of the room within that building, and the air flow pattern you're looking for. Venturi fans are especially powerful and quiet. We have hundreds of models and options to choose from.

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Wall Mount Exhaust Fans

Get a clear picture of each product before you commit to it by browsing the catalog, warranty, installation guides, and features. (If you already know exactly what you need, search for it by name or product number.) You'll notice the availability and lead time so you can make plans for the order's arrival; we include free shipping to the lower 48 states on every order If any optional accessories are available for the wall exhaust fan you choose, we list those so you can add them to your purchase if you'd like.

Commercial wall exhaust fans are just one of the thousands of HVAC products we offer. As a leading HVAC distributor, Northstock strives to carry the largest selection at the lowest prices, and we're happy to help you find what you need. Contact us with your questions or to place your order.