Commercial and industrial open coil electric duct heaters can help you heat the far reaches of office buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, distribution centers, and more. These units enhance the movement of warm air through the ductwork to heat those areas that are farthest from the primary HVAC unit and might otherwise be left in the cold—or require a separate heating system.

Open coil electric duct heaters are not suitable if there is risk of water spray or conductive particles in the air. The coils are live and exposed; as a matter of safety, these heaters should not be installed in a place where people or conductive objects could come in contact with them.

However, if those are not concerns for your application, open coil electric duct heaters have a number of advantages. Because the coils are exposed and releasing heat directly into the stream of air, they heat that air more quickly even as they run cooler. With so much open space, open coil units offer a low pressure drop, which allows the fan to run on less power.

They're also built to withstand extreme applications with high voltages and high temperatures, and they can provide high kW in relation to their size. Open coil electric duct heaters are often less expensive than their finned tubular counterparts, since they don't include as many parts and materials.

Our wide selection of commercial and industrial open coil electric duct heaters are available in several sizes and voltages, multiple air flow configurations, slip-in or flange mount, and with many other options. We partner with the top manufacturers in the industry to ensure you're getting high-quality parts and equipment that are built to last and perform as expected. These units ship in 1-6 weeks, depending upon your chosen manufacturer, model, and customizations, though expedited production cycles are often available for an additional charge. Let us know if you need to get your duct heater more quickly.

Choose standard solutions or have your unit custom-built to your specifications as your supplemental, stand-by, or even primary heat source:

Because open coil electric duct heaters are not returnable and custom orders are not cancelable, you'll see ample information included with each product listing. We share availability and lead time, transparent pricing, photos and features, and product literature, so you can make an informed purchasing decision to save time and money. You may be asked to choose among required selections, such as mounting options, and optional accessories, like thermostats, transformer kits, or air pressure switch kits.

Every order is sent via fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states. The low, factory-direct pricing is always for new products, never refurbished or factory-second. Talk to us about special pricing on bulk orders.

Our commitment is to you and the accuracy of your order. If we notice any inconsistencies, we'll contact you to double-check before we proceed with fulfillment. It's another step we take to ensure your order is right the first time. Our customer care team is highly skilled and technically proficient, and they're a great source of information about our products and your order.

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