NorthStock, Inc. carries the Fernox brand, a leading manufacturer of water treatment chemical products, central heating system filters, plumbing consumables and diagnostic testing services. Fernox has pioneered the development of energy efficient products both for traditional and renewable technology in domestic and commercial applications.
We carry a large selection of commercial and industrial Fernox water treatment supplies, including water analysis test kits, limescale remover, test strips for copper, iron, and hardness, leak sealer, antifreeze, system cleaner, water filters, and more. Since the company's beginnings in 1964, Fernox has become a leading manufacturer of water treatment products, filters, and diagnostic testing solutions.
Our array of Fernox water treatment products include three Fernox water filters: the 60003 TF1 Total Filter, the 62227 TF1 Delta Filter, and the 62294 TF1 Omega Filter. Each has its unique features and benefits. The Delta, for example, is brass and nickel-plated, ideal for high-volume in low-temperature heating and cooling systems. They're all engineered to be easy to install and clean. Take a closer look at the Fernox water filters and the many products that will help you support your system: