Commercial and industrial electric unit heaters are an efficient way to warm large spaces like warehouses, factories, recreational buildings, and storage areas. They're safe and easy to install, and users enjoy relatively low operating costs, particularly in areas with low utility costs. Whether your goal is to create a more comfortable working environment for your employees, keep equipment at a safe operating temperature, or maintain the right environment for your products, an electric unit heater may be the solution you're looking for. 

At NorthStock, we have hundreds of industrial and commercial electric unit heaters suitable for a wide range of applications. Search by part number or browse our selection:

About Industrial and Commercial Electric Unit Heaters

When you choose an electric heating and cooling system, you need to consider the size of your facility, the temperature change you require, and the space you have to install a heater. There are a variety of styles and models available:

Industrial and Commercial Electric Unit Heaters

These are common as a primary or supplementary heat source in gyms, storage facilities, and more. Select models can be permanently installed on the floor, wall, or ceiling, while others, like theFostoria FES-3048-3A Electric Salamander, are portable. For rugged environments, like mine shafts, paper mills, maintenance and welding shops, and chemical plants, theRuffneck RGX Heavy Duty Unit Heater is designed to withstand harsh conditions. 

Plenum Rated Heaters

Plenum rated electric unit heaters are made for small enclosed spaces. They can be placed directly in the plenum, but they're also commonly used in bathrooms, crawl spaces, concession stands, and other small rooms. Since they're often situated in harder-to-reach places, plenum rated heaters are designed to be durable, efficient, and low-maintenance. There are dozens of models requiring zero clearance and equipped with features like fan-only options, built-in disconnect switches, external thermostat control, high limit thermal cutout, and more. 

Washdown Electric Heaters

Facilities like water treatment plants, steel mills, car washes, drilling platforms, and food processing plants require frequent hose-down cleaning. Washdown electric heaters are made for these environments with corrosion-resistant housing and fully enclosed internal parts. They provide powerful heating while withstanding humidity, excess moisture, and water pressure. 

Hazardous Location Heaters

Like other electric unit heaters, hazardous location heaters are available in a range of sizes for mounting on the ceiling, floor, or wall. However, these are specially designed for use in oil refineries, paint shops, dry cleaning facilities, and other locations where flammable fibers, dust, gases, and vapors may be present. They're manufactured under stringent standards for safety. 

At NorthStock, we're happy to help you find the electric heating and cooling units you need for your unique application. Each heater is listed with availability and lead time, product literature, and low, factory-direct pricing. All of our parts and products are new, never used or refurbished, and they ship fast and free in the lower 48 states—an offer we'll combine with special pricing on high-volume orders if you contact us in advance.

You will be asked to confirm you have the right voltage and amp draw to safely operate your heater. In some cases, electric unit heater orders cannot be canceled or returned, and you will be asked to confirm your understanding of this before you place your order. It's part of how we ensure you get the right products as quickly as possible.

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