With wall, ceiling, and floor mount designs, architectural hydronic heaters offer a sleek, quiet solution for heating schools and office buildings. They're typically installed along the perimeter walls to help maintain a warmer space. With hundreds of models to choose from, you can find a hydronic heater that fits in the limited space you might have available—and looks like it belongs there.

For example, choose an inconspicuous kickspace heater in your preferred color: black, brown, chrome, white, and others are available for certain models. Some hydronic heaters, like the Smiths PSU10, can be wall or floor mounted for increased flexibility.

If you're constructing a new building, consider installing a hydronic system. Not only is it quiet and efficient, it comes with a variety of other benefits. Because you're not blowing air through ductwork, you reduce blowing dust and the associated allergy risk, which can be of particular concern in rooms that see a lot of people every day. You can also use multiple thermostats to control the temperature in different areas.

Whether your system is old or new, take a look at the many options you have for architectural hydronic heaters:

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