Portable blower heaters are a great solution for heating a small area indoors or outdoors. They're common in factories and on construction sites and other outdoor work areas where permanent heating solutions aren't possible or practical. Electric heaters are always energy efficient; in large rooms, electric blower heaters are especially cost-effective because you can keep people warm in a specific area without paying to heat the entire space.

You can easily move an industrial portable blower heater from one place to another. Since there's no installation required, it's easy to buy one and start warming things up. At NorthStock, Inc. we have salamander blower heaters from top manufacturers like Fostoria, QMark, Patron, and more, with each model offering different features and capabilities. Take a look at the thorough product listings to determine which one is right for you:

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Electric Blower Heaters

As you make your selection, please confirm you have the voltage and amperage required to operate your chosen portable heater and select any accessories you'd like to include with your purchase. If you're placing a large order, please contact us first: we offer volume discounts on top of our already low factory-direct pricing and free shipping (in the lower 48 states). Expedited shipping is available at checkout.

The extensive information offered with each product is there to help you make an informed purchase. We're committed to getting you the HVAC products you need as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, which means we want those orders to be right the first time. Anything we can do to ensure that for you, we're on it.

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