Commercial and industrial gas unit heaters produce a lot of heat without taking up a lot of space. Factory-built for natural gas or propane, gas-fired heaters are common in warehouses, gymnasiums, boiler rooms, distribution centers, and other big, open spaces. In most climates and temperature control situations, these units are more cost-effective than electric heaters in these types of large spaces.

With power vented, separated combustion, low profile, and upright designs, natural gas unit heaters and propane unit heaters are versatile and dependable. You can rely on trusted industry leaders like Modine, Sterling, Beacon Morris, and Re-Verber-Ray to engineer the specialized heating solutions you need for your specific application.

At NorthStock, you have access to hundreds of hanging gas heaters and parts—take a closer look at our offering:

About Our Commercial and Industrial Gas Fired Unit Heaters

Hanging gas heaters are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance. There are a number of specialized units to fit your unique application:

High Efficiency

  • Modine Effinity Gas Fired Unit Heater: Operates at 97 percent thermal efficiency to lower your operating costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Sterling Nexus Gas Unit Heater: Offers up to 99 percent maximum efficiency at full turndown, with over 95 percent certified efficiency at high fire.
  • Beacon Morris Optum Gas Heater: With 95-99 percent thermal efficiency, these gas heaters are available in six sizes. 


  • Re-Verber-Ray FA Series: Equipped for natural gas, these heaters can be ordered with a propane conversion kit. The standard option is separated combustion, but they can easily be converted to power vented. 
  • Sterling Shield Gas Fired Unit Heaters: Built for use in corrosive environments, like greenhouses as well as food service industries and wastewater treatment plants, these heaters are available in a Btu capacity range of 150,000–400,000 and come with a five-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger. 

Garages, Workshops, and Aircraft Hangars

  • Re-Verber Ray UH Series: Features a low profile design with a durable, powder-coated black enamel exterior and stainless steel louvers, along with finger-proof fan guards for low-noise operation.  
  • Modine Hot Dawg Power Vented Gas Fired Unit Heater: Available in six sizes ranging from 30,000–125,000 Btu, these heaters are designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S.A. with versatile installation options and quiet operation. 
  • Beacon Morris BRT Series: Low profile and design certified under ANSI Z83.8, these units are available in seven sizes and come standard with a 20-gauge tubular aluminized steel heat exchanger.

Those are just a few of many units we carry. We list every gas fired heater with its optional accessories, which may include high-altitude conversion kits, thermostats, condensate pumps, blower enclosures, air deflector hoods, and more. This makes it easy to add compatible components to your order. 

We want to make sure you understand all the requirements for your gas hanging heater before you commit to it, so we include as much information as possible about each one. You'll find photos, product literature, availability, and competitive pricing for each model (special high-volume pricing is also available; please contact us first). It's all part of helping make it quick and easy to get the equipment and parts you need to complete your project.. Every order ships fast and free to the lower 48 states, or you can choose expedited shipping at check out. 

Our team is knowledgeable and ready to answer any additional questions you have. NorthStock has long-standing relationships with the industry's leading manufacturers, giving us the opportunity to offer the widest selection of HVAC parts and products at competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more about commercial and industrial gas unit heaters.