Commercial and industrial gas unit heaters are common in large, open spaces like warehouses, distribution centers, gymnasiums, and boiler rooms because they produce a lot of heat without taking up a lot of space. Factory-built for propane or natural gas, there are hundreds of high-efficiency gas hanging heaters in various sizes with different heat exchanger types. Choose from power vented, separated combustion, low profile, and upright designs.

Companies of all sizes love gas-fired unit heaters for their efficiency. In most climates/situations, gas heaters are more cost-effective than electric heaters while offering a consistent, reliable heating solution for your facility. When you have industrial natural gas heaters or propane unit heaters from the top brands in the industry, you can rest assured that your unit is built to last, reducing the need for costly repairs and potentially dangerous downtime. 

At NorthStock, Inc., we carry hundreds of gas unit heaters from industry giants like Modine, Sterling, Beacon Morris, and Re-Verber-Ray. Take a closer look at our extensive inventory.

About Our Commercial and Industrial Gas Unit Heaters

Gas unit heaters are designed for specific environments, so you can choose a specialized unit that meets your needs. If you prioritize high efficiency, you can enjoy up to 97 percent efficiency with Modine's Effinity or Sterling's Nexus, and 95-99% efficiency with the Beacon Morris Optum, all of which are among the most efficient gas unit heaters on the market today. The Shield GF series from Sterling is designed specifically for the moisture-corrosive environments found in greenhouses, water treatment plants, and agricultural facilities, while Modine's popular Hot Dawg garage heater is quiet enough for small workshops, both residential and commercial.

The BRT series from Beacon Morris features a low-profile design and meets the latest ETL certification standards. In the Re-Verber-Ray FA series, you'll find various mounting options on a gas unit heater that can easily be converted from separated combustion to power vented without any extra parts.

Those are just a few of your options—there's a gas-fired unit heater to meet the needs of any application. You can choose from a variety of optional features and accessories, depending upon your preferred model, which could include high-altitude conversion kits, thermostats, blower enclosures, air deflector hoods, and more. You'll see these options on the product listing, where you may also be asked to confirm that you are a qualified installer or that you will hire one.

We want to make sure you understand all the requirements for your gas hanging heater before you commit to it, so we include as much information as possible about each one. You'll find photos, product literature, availability and lead times, and transparent pricing for each model (special high-volume pricing is also available; please contact us first). It's all part of helping you make an informed purchase. Every order ships fast and free in the lower 48 states, or you can choose expedited shipping at check out. 

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Our customer care team is responsive and knowledgeable. Over the years, NorthStock has built trusted, long-lasting relationships with both our customers and our suppliers because HVAC is all we do. We thoroughly understand the heating, cooling, and ventilation needs in a variety of industries, and we carry an unparalleled selection of solutions so you can find exactly what you need. Reach out for more information about our commercial and industrial natural gas heaters and hanging propane heaters or any other HVAC solution.