Ease of installation is a major consideration with new commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. The right equipment supports can help you save time and money during installation while providing a safe, secure mount for your roof equipment and other HVAC systems. In some cases, it's also important to create an attractive, unobtrusive appearance, and the right supports can make all the difference. 

At NorthStock, we maintain a large inventory of HVAC equipment supports like pipe pedestals, duct pedestals, equipment pads, equipment rails, and Quick-Sling support systems for all types of heating, cooling, and ventilation units, including roof equipment. Explore the many options you have for a safe, efficient mount, or search by product number to find exactly what you're looking for:

Duct Pedestals

Roof equipment requires the ideal mounting and flashing base and an assembly that allows for duct movement during expansion and contraction through the changing seasons. At NorthStock, we offer RPS Duct Mounting Pedestals for flat or pitched roofs with a full line of features to accommodate both round and rectangular duct mounting for quick installation. These features include the equipment rail, a galvanized steel slide channel, continuously threaded galvanized rods, and a galvanized steel duct slide assembly to accommodate round and rectangular ductwork of up to 84 inches wide. Optional features include longer equipment rails and multi-duct assembly combinations. 

Equipment Pads

Equipment pads from DiversiTech are engineered in various thicknesses with different ribbing patterns and base materials to resist wind, vibration, and other environmental factors while providing a stable surface for your HVAC equipment. Choose from concrete, polypropylene, cork, rubber, and more to meet building regulations while providing rugged durability, ease of handling, and an attractive appearance. For an environmentally-friendly choice, go with the EcoPad, which is made of recycled materials. 

Equipment Rails

These prefabricated steel structures, available in three-, four-, and six-foot lengths, provide uniform mounting for blowers, condensers, and other roof equipment. With a system of internal gussets that are welded into position, the RPS equipment rails have a high bearing capacity for effective, reliable, and cost-effective roof equipment installation projects. By using equipment rails, you're providing the right structural support for your roof equipment rather. Without them, you risk damaging your roof. 

Pipe Pedestals

Choose from standard models (for two-, four-,  and six-inch pipes) or heavy-duty models (for eight-, 10-, and 12-inch pipes). Pipe pedestals are made with a galvanized steel equipment rail base, and the pipe roller assembly allows for expansion and contraction during weather changes. Designed with efficient pipe leveling in mind, they can be used for single and multiple pipes with vertical and horizontal adjustments. 

Quick-Sling Support Systems

Quick-Sling specializes in versatile mounting solutions in a variety of models and sizes with adjustable configurations to accommodate your unique application. Whether you're mounting your unit heaters, furnaces, condensing units, or other HVAC equipment on the ground, wall, or ceiling, Quick-Sling support systems allow for fast, affordable installation with consideration for uneven surfaces and other mounting challenges. DiversiTech offers a Quick-Sling product compatibility app to help you determine which support system is right for your HVAC equipment. 

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