Commercial and industrial hydronic heating systems are quiet and effective and come in a wide range of styles and sizes, making them popular in classrooms, offices, stairwells, entrances, and more. Hot water or steam from a central boiler system is pumped through a heat exchanger. The heat from the coil is pushed into the space with a fan or natural convection. Because water is better at conducting heat than air, hydronic systems are typically more efficient than fan forced heating systems. There are several types of hydronic heating units in various colors and airflow arrangements to suit any application.

You can choose an architectural hydronic heater or a hydronic cabinet unit heater for the wall, floor, or ceiling. Architectural styles are often found along exterior walls in offices and classrooms. Cabinet unit heaters are good for large spaces that require a lot of heat, like an entryway or vestibule. Meanwhile, hydronic unit heaters, which are controlled independently through a mounted wall thermostat, are typically found in large spaces because they produce a lot of heat very quickly. Choose the airflow and fan styles to fit your needs.

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Hydronic Heating

Northstock carries thousands of Beacon Morris convectors and Modine convectors, two of the most trusted brands in the industry. Various cabinet styles and capabilities give you a wide range of options when choosing a unit for your hotel, school or office building.

When choosing a hydronic heating system consider:

  • How big is your space and how demanding is the required temperature change?

  • Do you want a hydronic wall heater, or are you looking at wall or ceiling options? Recessed or not?

  • Do you want horizontal or vertical air flow?

  • What airflow rate do you need?

  • How big or small does the unit have to be?

  • What color works best in the room?

Browse our wide selection of hydronic heaters above. Or, if you know exactly what you want, simply search by part number. If you're unsure, contact us! Our skilled sales team can help you find the commercial or industrial hydronic heating solution that's right for you.

With each product listing, you'll find catalogs, installation guides, photos and features, availability, lead time, and, as always, low factory-direct pricing on new (never refurbished or factory-second) items from top brands. Bulk pricing may be available, contact us to request a quote.

As you place your order, you will see a list of required and optional specifications and accessories. This may include airflow arrangement, piping location, color, thermostats, coil selection, and more. This is to help you ensure the hydronic heater you're ordering matches your application.

Shipping is always free in the lower 48 states. If you need expedited shipping or for any questions, please contact us. Northstock is a one-stop shop for commercial and industrial HVAC solutions. We look forward to working with you!