Because it can be dangerous to use electrical equipment in environments where the air is filled with flammable fumes, liquids, dust, fibers, or other contaminants, you need to use specialized equipment in these areas. Commercial and industrial wall mount exhaust fans for hazardous locations are built with explosion-proof motors, fan-cooled components, spark-proof propellers, and more. You'll find them in oil refineries, fuel storage facilities, aircraft hangars, paint shops and storage facilities, grain elevators, textile mills, and anywhere it's important to maintain good air quality without risking a fire or explosion.

Hazardous location wall exhaust fans come in a variety of sizes and styles. By choosing a model from a trusted manufacturer like Canarm or Ruffneck, you're sure to get a durable, reliable fan built to OSHA standards. Take a closer look at our selection of explosion-proof wall fans:

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Explosion-Proof Wall Fans

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