VTAC Units with Features You Need and Prices You Want

Vertical terminal air conditioners (VTACs) reduce sound levels, allow for more effective ducted air distribution, and give spaces a more finished look with concealed installation. Bulk ordering VTAC units? Contact us for a quote request.

NorthStock’s vertical AC units meet a variety of HVAC system applications for hotels, dorms, assisted living homes, apartments, and healthcare facilities. VTACs can be used to regulate the temperature of a single room or multiple rooms, making them a versatile HVAC product for heating and cooling multiple units.

NorthStock is proud to carry GE and Amana high-quality vertical terminal air conditioners ready to ship today. No other vertical air conditioners on the market offer so many extra features built in as standard on every unit. Features include high-efficiency operation, quiet operation, blue fin condenser coil protection, and a long-standing reputation for reliability and durability.

Comparing VTAC vs PTAC Units

Choosing between VTAC and (packaged terminal air conditioner) PTAC units depends on the application of an HVAC system. The main difference between VTAC and PTAC units is that VTAC units can regulate the temperature of multiple rooms while PTAC units can only control the temperature of a single room.

When to Use a Vertical Terminal Air Conditioner (VTAC) Unit

  • Ideal for controlling temperature of multiple rooms or a single room
  • Uses a duct system to control multiple rooms
  • Installed out-of-sight, typically in a closet with an outside wall
  • Location makes VTAC units quieter
  • Vertical installation means VTAC units take up less space

When to Use a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) Unit

  • Ideal for controlling the temperature of a single room
  • A standalone, through-wall unit that does not rely on ducts
  • Can be used alone, or supplement central air
  • Quiet operation, sleek product design
  • Efficient heating and cooling of smaller rooms

"Had exactly what I needed in stock. Ordered on a Wednesday and it arrived Friday. Could not ask for better service. Fast shipping and a very nice website!"

- Scott From Maryland

NorthStock Makes It Easy To Buy VTAC Units

NorthStock is the one-stop shop for technical buyers to purchase VTAC units. Our online shop for vertical air conditioners provides detailed product information and inventory numbers continually updated with the latest availability.

Customers shop with NorthStock because of our quick online ordering, detailed order status updates, and real-time tracking. Browse our selection of GE and Amana VTAC units for the ultimate flexibility with heating and cooling multi-unit facilities.