Industrial and commercial radiant heaters are useful for spot heating where it's not possible or practical to have fan heaters. Since electric radiant heaters heat people and objects rather than the air, they can be used to keep people warm in a specific area, even if those people are in the middle of a large room.

Radiant heaters are also known as infrared heaters, and they are known to be cost-effective and quick to provide warmth for the people and equipment in a room. They're used in sports and recreation facilities, restaurants, fire stations, bus stations, warehouses, loading docks, restaurants, garages, and anywhere else it's preferable to have warmth without blowing air. When gas or propane aren't available, electric infrared heaters are an ideal choice for clean, quiet, energy-efficient heat. Because they don't blow the air around, they're not blowing dust and particles around. Not only may this help relieve symptoms in people who suffer from allergies, but it makes radiant heat a great choice for drying paint or preventing the freezing of pipes.

Electric radiant heaters come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Radiant ceiling heaters are available in the form of recess-mounted ceiling panels or fixed overhead models that can be hung by chains or mounted on brackets. There are also portable options, which are great for temporary workspaces or for teams that change locations throughout the day. We have hundreds of electric radiant heaters to choose from. Find the one that best suits your needs:

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