Many commercial and industrial settings don't have a lot of room for a bulky heating unit. As an alternative, electric kickspace heaters can be inconspicuously placed in entryways, kitchens, small lobbies, office cubicles, checkout counters, toll booths, and bathrooms to increase comfort without taking up valuable space. These small but powerful units work by drawing in the room's cool air, warming it, and sending it back out. Affordable, easy to install, and efficient, the QMark toe kick heater is a great choice for supplemental heating in hard-to-heat areas.

QMark is a leading HVAC manufacturer, and NorthStock is proud to be a distributor of their electric toe kick heaters and other commercial and industrial HVAC solutions. Take a look at these efficient, space-saving models:

About Our Commercial Electric Kickspace Heaters

 With three-piece construction (separate back box, fan deck, and front cover), QMark toe space heaters are easy to install and maintain. They run quietly and, at just three-and-a-half inches high, they fit in the most narrow height applications, making them incredibly versatile and inobtrusive—put them under the cabinets or bathroom vanity, in stair risers, and more. Featuring automatic overtemperature protection, a pilot light that indicates the protector has kicked into action, and a thermal fuse as a second layer of protection, electric kickspace heaters are as safe as they are effective. Still, they should not be installed anywhere with obstructed airflow, such as in a closet, in the ceiling or floor, or behind a towel rack or a door. 

Choose from four models to meet your supplemental heating needs. The QTS1100 and QTS1104 series units can be operated by either a built-in thermostat or a remote wall-mounted, single pole line voltage thermostat, which are common in replacement applications that utilize wall thermostats. Models QTS1500T and QTS1504T come equipped with factory-installed thermostats, and they're ideal for higher-wattage applications. 

As multiple-wattage units, QMark kickspace heaters offer quick wiring lead disconnects so you can easily change the output. The heavy gauged steel fins, brazed to low-watt density steel sheathed heating elements in a grid pattern, allow for uniform heating while maintaining a low operating temperature, which helps prolong the unit's life. 

When you shop for electric toe kick heaters at NorthStock, you'll see a wealth of product information included about each unit to help you make an informed purchase. That includes installation guides, availability and lead time, photos, features, and factory-direct pricing. All our units are new (never used or refurbished), and we send them to you via fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states. Expedited shipping is available at check out. We also offer special pricing on high-volume orders; contact us in advance to learn more.

You'll have the option to add accessories to your order, like an adapter grille, a single-pole built-in thermostat kit, or a wall thermostat, depending upon your chosen heater model. You'll also be asked to confirm that you have an electrical service that's compatible with the voltage and amp draw of the unit, which will help ensure you order the right heating solution. It's one of the many steps we take to make sure our customers receive the products they need as quickly as possible. 

With years of HVAC experience and trusted relationships with top manufacturers like QMark, NorthStock maintains an extensive inventory and offers some of the lowest prices in the industry. Our friendly customer care team is ready to help. Contact us to learn more about electric kickspace heaters and other heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions.