Commercial and industrial fan speed switches are as diverse as your HVAC systems. Match the switch to your required amperage, voltage, and wattage and select a style, from adjustable slides and rocker switches to rotary fan controls, that best suits your needs. Controlling your HVAC fans is a matter of safety and comfort, not to mention the life of your system. Overworking a fan can lead to more frequent breakdowns, and it's a waste of energy to run a fan at a higher level than is truly required. At the same time, a fan that's running too slowly can lead to overheating, either of the system or the room you're in, compromising your comfort and potentially damaging your equipment. 

At NorthStock, we carry a variety of variable speed controls from the industry's leading manufacturers. Take a look at our inventory or search by part number if you already know which fan speed switches you're looking for:

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About Our Fan Speed Switches

Your first consideration when choosing a fan speed switch is what it's for: a blower, condenser, circulation fan, etc. You'll need to know how fine-tuned you want your speed adjustments to be, what your electrical requirements are, and what you want the switch to look like. Fortunately, there are options that cover these considerations and more. 

For a sleek appearance and the ability to make fine adjustments to your fan speed, the Fantech IPF05 features a low-profile fluid slide bar and an easy-to-use ON/OFF preset switch. It's designed for both single-pole (one-location) and three-way (multi-location) applications with RFI noise suppression. The Ivory and Light Almond color change kits are included.

The J&D Manufacturing JDMV1-C offers manual variable speed control with an eight-foot cord. This rotary fan control gives you a simple way to adjust the speed of your circulation fans with one variable speed outlet and 15 amp overload protection. 

The Fantech WC15 is designed for mounting in a 2" x 4" electrical wall box with standard features including a RFI (radio frequency interference) filter, minimum speed trimpot, and built-in On/Off line switch. It operates at 115 volts with a maximum rating of five amps. A similar option from J&D Manufacturing is the CN25, which offers many of the same features. This particular model is 120-volt, 2.5 amps. 

No matter which fan speed switches are right for you and your application, you'll find them listed on our website with all the information we have about them, including photos and descriptions, product literature, availability and lead time, ship-from location, and transparent, factory-direct pricing. We screen your order before fulfilling it to look for inconsistencies, and if we identify any, we'll contact you to confirm your choices. It's all part of how we ensure you receive the right items as quickly as possible.

All of our HVAC units, accessories, and replacement parts are new—never used or refurbished—and we take pride in processing your order quickly and sending it to you via fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states. If you're looking for even faster delivery, you can choose an expedited shipping option at checkout. For high-volume orders, please contact us in advance for special pricing. 

NorthStock is one of North America's leading HVAC distributors, and over the years we've developed lasting professional relationships with the best manufacturers in the industry, allowing us to maintain an unparalleled inventory of products at competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more about variable speed controls and fan speed switches and all your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. Our friendly customer care team can answer any questions you have.