Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners, or PTAC units, offer flexible industrial and commercial heating and cooling solutions in a variety of settings. From offices to hotels, condos, and apartments, PTAC units are considered one of the best air conditioner and heater options because they're quiet and efficient. They can serve alone, or act as a supplement to central air.

In fact, advances in heating and cooling technology have allowed the PTAC air conditioners to become quieter, more efficient, and more attractive than ever. It's a sleek, low-cost way to cool smaller rooms or areas of a building that are hard to reach with the central HVAC system.

About Our PTAC Air Conditioners

Commercial and industrial packaged terminal air conditioners are a quiet, efficient way to cool smaller spaces, especially in areas with a low cost of electricity. They can be used alone or in addition to a central HVAC system, and they're found in apartments, hotels, offices, medical settings, and assisted living communities. If you're considering this kind of cooling solution, you'll definitely want to look more closely at the wide range of GE and Amana PTAC units we have available.

Whether you are in the hotel/hospitality industry or provide assisted living services, GE and Amana PTACs are designed to simplify your business with plain-and-simple product durability and advanced energy management features, all the while helping you to create the best environmental experience for your customer. The PTAC units are priced right, they ship fast, and their after-sale support department is second to none!

Which one is best for your application? If you're in an area that enjoys a low cost of electricity, PTAC units with electric heat are the least expensive option. The Amana PTAC models come in four cooling sizes and a variety of heater sizes. PTAC heat pump units are incredibly efficient, especially when outdoor temperatures stay above 40 °F. Heat pumps can still be used in colder climates; when temperatures are too low for the heat pump mode of heating, backup electric heat strips turn on.

If you don't need any heating at all, there are cooling-only PTAC air conditioners, but they're not very common. You may prefer to get a PTAC unit with electric heat instead. That way, the heat is there if you ever do need it, but if you don't, you simply leave it off and run your cooling. NorthStock also carries a full line of hard-to-find PTAC units with hydronic heating coils.

Every PTAC unit listed on our website includes manuals, warranties, and catalogs so you can learn as much as possible. We give you competitive pricing, availability, and lead times, with free shipping in the lower 48 states. Many accessories are available and sometimes required; as you make your selection, you'll have the option to purchase wall sleeves, thermostats, remote digital controls, grilles, and more. If a unit has any special considerations like BTUs, overall cooling capacity, or energy efficiency, those will also be listed.

As a leading HVAC supply company, NorthStock is committed to providing the best air conditioners and other HVAC solutions the industry has to offer, which is why we're proud to carry Amana and GE industrial and commercial PTAC units. These manufacturers consistently innovate and move the industry forward. Our selection of high-quality HVAC products is unmatched, and we're confident we can help you find the HVAC solution you need.

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