Good indoor air quality relies on good ventilation systems. Whether you're protecting employees and visitors from gases, chemical fumes, and other contaminants or removing moisture to prevent mold and respiratory issues, industrial ventilation is key to safety, comfort, and productivity.  

From exhaust systems to air exchange systems, fans, and air circulators, NorthStock carries a wide selection of ventilation systems and solutions. You'll see every unit listed with photos and features, product literature, and more information so you can make an informed decision about the best system for your facility. 

Browse our selection of shop ventilation systems with competitve pricing on new (never used or refurbished) parts and products:

Air Circulators

Commercial and industrial fixed-mount air circulators and portable blowers keeps air moving throughout your facility. As a result, you reduce the load on your HVAC system while maintaining a cooler, more comfortable environment for your employees and equipment. Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, your choice will depend upon the size of your facility and your air circulation needs. 

Commercial Kitchen Hoods

An essential part of any successful commercial kitchen, commercial kitchen hoods remove hot air, smoke and other pollutants, and food odors to create a safer, more comfortable cooking environment. It helps reduce fire hazards and the risk of contamination in the food prep area. 

Make-Up Air Units

These air exchangers replace exhausted air with fresh airflow. These units compensate for the pressure difference and provide temperature control as the air is drawn in, reducing the demand on your HVAC system. 

Air Curtains

Air curtains are commonly used at exterior entrances to create a seal that stops bugs, dirt, and debris. Because there is no physical barrier, it's easier for people to move quickly and freely between indoor and outdoor spaces while maintaining the indoor air temperature. For added warmth at the entrance, consider an air curtain heater. 

Air Purification Units

Air filters remove dust, smoke, and pathogens to improve indoor air quality. From classrooms and office buildings to factories and warehouses, air purification units keep people healthier and more comfortable. These units are available in different sizes and designed to handle different types of airborne particles, from chemical fumes in a production facility to germs and pollen in a conference room. 

Ceiling Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans remove moisture and odors to enhance comfort and reduce the risk of humidity damage. They're common in restrooms and locker rooms, conference rooms, storage spaces, and many other commercial and industrial facilities. When choosing your ceiling exhaust fan, you'll start by considering the size of the room and the height of the ceiling—we carry a variety of styles and sizes to fit any application. 

Ceiling Fans

For commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications, ceiling fans are a simple way to control temperature and keep the air moving in your facility. Our selection of high-volume, low-speed fans (HVLS) have built-in sensors that determine the temperature in the room, and they automatically speed up or slow down as needed. 

Energy Recovery Ventilators

These units allow you to warm or cool the fresh air as it enters your facility, reducing the demand on your HVAC system and helping you save money on temperature control. They also help filter the air and control humidity. Energy recovery ventilators are ideal in facilities where your desired indoor temperature is very different than the current outdoor temperature.

Fresh Air Inlets

Ceiling and wall inlets are used in agricultural facilities and designed to be easy to install and clean. Various models offer different air projection directions, inlet door styles, and insulation. Use durable weather hoods to protect the inlet from snow, wind, and other severe weather and debris. 

Inline Duct Fans

Inline fans can move a large volume of air without taking up any extra space in your facility. There are many types:

  • Dryer Booster Fans
  • Inline Cabinet Fans
  • Mixed Flow Duct Fans
  • Radon Fans
  • Square Inline Centrifugal Duct Fans
  • Tubeaxial Duct Fans
  • Tubular Centrifugal Duct Fans

Odor Control Blowers

Commercial and industrial odor control blowers are essential in paper mills, pet food processing plants, sewage and wastewater treatment plants, licensed medical cannabis production facilities, and other spaces where unpleasant odors create an uncomfortable working environment. With high-efficiency filtering systems, galvanized steel construction, and quiet forward-curved blowers, these units come in a variety of sizes to match your application. 

Roof Fans

Downblast roof fans are great for basic ventilation, while an upblast fan is necessary for smoke and odor removal. Roof mount exhaust fans vary by size, noise level, belt and direct drive, and more, and we maintain a large inventory so you can find the one that's right for your commercial kitchen, warehouse, school, medical center, or manufacturing facility. 

Utility Blowers

When a basic fan isn't enough, utility blowers provide more power to move higher volumes of air in specific directions, particularly in low-pressure environments. Forward-curved blowers are most popular for their efficiency and manageable size. 

Wall Fans

Exhaust and supply fans can be used together with air circulators to create a safer, more comfortable space and protect your product and equipment. Reduce humidity, mold, and mildew while improving the efficiency of your HVAC system. Choose from a variety of types:

  • Cabinet Wall Exhaust Fans
  • Fiberglass Wall Exhaust Fans
  • Gable Fans
  • Guard Mounted Wall Exhaust Fans
  • Hazardous Location Wall Exhaust Fans
  • Panel Venturi Mounted Wall Exhaust Fans
  • Poly Wall Exhaust Fans
  • Shutter Mounted Wall Exhaust Fans
  • Wall Supply Fans

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