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As premier commercial and industrial HVAC supply professionals, NorthStock, Inc. houses a large inventory of complimentary HVAC accessories and components to meet your scope of work. Our years of HVAC supply industry experience means we know which heating, cooling & ventilation accessories are in high demand. At NorthStock, Inc., we partner with trusted HVAC supply brands that consistently deliver quality OEM equipment and parts.

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Partner with NorthStock, Inc.; we carry many useful HVAC related accessories that will make your installation easier and your finished work more professional. Best of all, you won't see any hidden costs when you check out on our website. We guarantee No Surprises at check-out, and if you have any questions on pricing or product details, please contact our team.

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HVAC Related Products

Neutra-Safe Condensate Neutralizers

View our full range of Neutra-Safe Condensate Neutralizers available for condensing boilers, water heaters or furnaces when system condensate needs an increased pH level before being safely discharged into sewage drains. Neutra-Safe products are available in a wide variety of styles to fit your project needs, including horizontal or vertical applications, pump combo, and tray/tank condensate neutralizers. We also carry a complete line of Neutra-Safe recharge kits.

RPS Equipment Support Rails

Commercial and industrial HVAC projects often utilize rooftop mounted HVAC equipment, which is why we stock a full line of RPS equipment support rails in various lengths from 2 to 10 feet in both 14 and 18 GA. Steel. Many alternative materials are available. RPS Equipment Rails provide a stable base and economical solution for rooftop equipment.

RPS Duct Mounting Pedestals

Space and uniformity are always a factor when running HVAC ductwork along a roof which is why HVAC installers rely on RPS duct mounting pedestals for mounting duct runs across a flat or pitched roof. The RPS duct mounting pedestal systems incorporate the RPS Equipment Rail for proper support. You never have to worry about duct movement from expansion and contraction because this system accounts for mechanical movement and features vertical and horizontal adjustments for uniform ductwork mounting.

Quick-Sling Support Systems

Northstock offers over 100 Quick-Sling support systems that allow installers to quickly set HVAC equipment. The Quick-Sling line of products are revolutionizing HVAC installations across the USA. We stand by this popular line of heating cooling & ventilation installation accessories that offers an affordable way to hang and mount furnaces, unit heaters, air handlers and condensing units.

Z-Vent Gas Unit Heater Vent Kits

For sidewall or rooftop venting, Z-Vent stainless steel gas unit heater vent kits are available for horizontal or vertical applications. Z-Vent products feature a double fail-safe, a self-sealing system that can dramatically reduce the cost of vent system installations. H-Mac supplies Z-Vent category III stainless steel vent kits for gas-fired unit heaters and high-efficiency furnaces.

Canarm GreenChoice Grow Lighting

When you need lighting for indoor plant growing operations, Canarm GreenChoice lights will yield more crops and consume less power. You can choose different spectrums of light as well as control the intensity to meet all your growing stages.

Winco Portable and PTO Generators

When you need portable power on the job, H-Mac offers the lowest prices on Winco portable and PTO (Power Take-Off) generators that are 100% Load Tested and feature a compact footprint for easy storage and transport. Winco’s PTO Generator can keep your projects powered throughout the toughest workdays. Choose from our wide selection of portable generators manufactured with the best-performing Gasoline, NG, LP or diesel engines from Honda, Briggs and Stratton and Kohler Diesel.

Fernox Water Treatment Supplies

Fernox is an industry leader of water treatment products and equipment for commercial and industrial applications. H-Mac gives you direct access to these high-quality filters and chemicals that play a crucial role in maintaining the energy efficiency of existing and new heating systems. View our wide selection of Fernox filters and HVAC chemicals for cleaning, flushing, and protecting valuable hydronic systems from corrosion.


When you need a replacement electric thermostat, TPI/Columbus is a premier choice for fully automatic and smart comfort building solutions. H-Mac supplies a model that works with almost any low-voltage system and features up to 4 stages of heating and 4 stages of cooling.