From regulating temperature to averting danger, reliable commercial and industrial HVAC controls are essential for any heating, cooling, or ventilation system. We specialize in user-friendly and installer-friendly controls, including control dampers, thermostats, and electronic controls, to support the wide array of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems we have available. You'll find them in office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, power plants, construction sites, and many other settings.

Take a closer look at our control dampers, thermostats, and electronic controls. We have hundreds of options to choose from for use in both light commercial and heavy-duty industrial environments:

We have hundreds of commercial and industrial HVAC zone dampers, bypass dampers, and balancing dampers to regulate air flow in your HVAC system—in-stock and ready to ship. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and horizontal or vertical configurations for intake, exhaust, or mixed air applications, making it easy to match one to your system and building needs.

Our thermostats include flush mount, temporary, touchpad, and zone panel thermostats, all designed to help the installer save time. Temporary jobsite thermostats are ideal on construction sites or anywhere a permanent solution could be in danger of being damaged, removed, or tampered with. Flush-mount tamper-resistant thermostats offer the same peace of mind for permanent installation in hospitals, warehouses, hallways, locker rooms, and more.

The sleek Titan Touchscreen Thermostat comes with a five-year warranty; it can be hardwired or powered by batteries and features keypad lockout, short cycle protection, heating and cooling setpoint limits, and a high operating temperature. Add an optional outdoor temperature sensor for outdoor temperature display. This thermostat is often used in offices, classrooms, and small businesses as well as houses and apartments. The UT32-VK ventilation kit combines the Titan with supply air ventilation control to eliminate the need for a second control panel in new construction single- and multi-family homes. The fresh air damper is wired to the thermostat.

Specialty electronic controls are designed to solve common HVAC or jobsite challenges. The Universal Malfunction Monitor with Static Pressure Sensor, for example, will put a stop to equipment operation or alert you to the problem when it detects a malfunction. The Warning Watchdog is easy to install, and it sounds the alarm (and can trigger various devices) at cut wires, pulled disconnects, or lost refrigerant. We also have a wide selection of zone panels, ventilation kits, indoor and outdoor temperature sensors, and more.

At Northstock, we provide fast shipping on a large selection of products. You'll see extensive product information listed with each item, including photos and a thorough list of features, availability and lead time, product catalogs, installation guides, and more—all designed to help you get the info you need to make a purchasing decision. Search for specific items by part number, and reach out if you have any questions or can't find what you're looking for. Our highly-responsive customer care team is ready to help.

Our extensive inventory and our reputation as a leading HVAC distributor allows us to offer low, factory direct pricing. We offer free shipping on every order shipping to the lower 48 states, with expedited shipping options available at checkout.

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