When you need to warm an area, but don't have a lot of extra room on the floor or the wall, industrial and commercial electric ceiling heaters are a fantastic choice. Whether they are surface-mounted or recessed into the ceiling, you can offer a heat source without taking up precious space; they're unobtrusive yet effective. You'll find these heaters in bathrooms, lobbies and waiting rooms, classrooms, hallways, retail spaces, and more.

We carry a huge selection of ceiling heaters from the most trusted brands in the industry. Whether you need to heat a small space or a large one, we can find a model that will work for you. Take a closer look at the inventory of electric ceiling heaters we have in our 7,000-square-foot facility. They're all brand new and top quality: we don't carry refurbished or factory-second products.


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Ceiling Heaters

To help you make an informed decision, we include as much information with each listing as we can. You'll find our competitive pricing along with availability and lead time. We also make note of any special requirements the heater may have regarding voltage, mounting, or thermostats to ensure you don't end up with a heater you can't use. If any additional products are required for use with the ceiling heater, you'll have the option to purchase them or confirm you already have them available. We offer fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states; expedited shipping options are available.

Northstock is a leading HVAC distributor. Since 2003, we've been helping customers find electric ceiling heaters—and more—to meet their needs, and we're happy to do the same for you. Request a quote, or contact us to learn more about our ceiling heaters and other commercial and industrial HVAC solutions.