In a world where waste is an issue, people always look for solutions to transform waste into something valuable. One such popular trend involves using commercial waste oil heaters. These used oil heaters helps turn wasted oils into free heat and eco-friendly warmth for your facility.

Industrial waste oil heaters operate on used, synthetic or petroleum-based oils. They enable your business to repurpose waste oil to provide warmth to your facility.

The free energy generated is economical, saving your company disposal costs and utility bills. You sustainably dispose of the wasted oil, contributing positively to the environment.

At NorthStock, we are the leading supplier of the best waste oil heaters and other products at competitive prices, like LANAIR. These waste oil heaters are of exceptional quality and offer excellent performance to help you save money and protect the environment.

We ship your order for free to the lower 48 states. Our highly effective and reliable waste oil heaters are easily installable by suspending them from the ceiling or attaching them to an elevated non-combustible platform. Check out our waste oil heaters here:

About Our High-Performance Waste Oil Heaters

Our wide selection of quality commercial waste oil heaters allows you to select the perfect product for your application. Here's what you should know about these products:

Benefits of Waste Oil Heaters

Modern business owners are turning to waste oil heaters as their activities generate waste oil daily. This saves money and provides additional benefits:

Free Heat Generation

Our waste oil furnaces repurpose your unusable oil into free heat for your facility. This helps reduce your annual heating bill while maintaining a comfortable working environment for your staff.

Environmental Protection

By burning waste oil to heat, you recycle fuel instead of polluting the environment or depleting the earth's resources. Your business gains a reputation as an eco-conscious enterprise, setting you apart from competitors.

Reduce the Cost and Risks of Transporting Waste Oil

Commercial waste oil heaters allow you to get rid of your used oil in a sustainable, EPA-compliant way. You won't need to hire an authorized transporter to move the oil out of your commercial property. 

Increase Return on Investment

Our waste oil equipment is available at competitive prices to guarantee a better return on investment. You'll save on your company's heating costs and avoid spending on moving used oil off your property.

Conserve Floor Space

We offer several mounting options to free up valuable floor space. You can either suspend it from the ceiling or attach it to a raised platform.

Features of Our Commercial Waste Oil Heaters

The best waste oil heating equipment has these features:

  • Burns Used Fuel Efficiently: Our complete heat exchange technology gives you the most heat from your used fuel. It helps burn used oil without any waste, so you receive enough energy for your facility.

  • Warms Your Facility Faster: Waste oil furnaces are powerful heat generators.

  • Effortless to Clean: The ash removal port and swing-away burner allows for easy maintenance. You will spend less time cleaning your furnace after use.

  • Range of Options: Our furnaces allow you to burn many waste fuels without manual adjustments. This means you'll burn any fuel with a weight ranging from 5 to 90, including synthetic and petroleum-based oil.

Get the Best Commercial Waste Oil Heaters Today

A functional waste oil heater is key for helping your business reduce energy bills and become eco-conscious. We're your go-to choice for waste oil heating systems, thanks to our vast industry experience and expertise. Contact us today to discover more about our furnaces and other HVAC products.