It's not always possible to install central air or permanent heat/cool solutions which is why a portable air conditioning unit is often perfect for commercial and industrial settings. As a spot cooler or a whole-room cooler, you can use these portable units in tents, server rooms, gyms, assembly lines, and other temporary workspaces.

We carry hundreds of portable air conditioning units from top brands like MovinCool, Kwikool, United CoolAir, and Koldwave. The air-cooled units are often used in offices, warehouses, computer server rooms, and anywhere they can be vented through a window or ceiling plenum to the central HVAC system. If venting isn't possible, a more versatile water-cooled unit may be a better option. They simply need power, water, and a drain; you can connect them to a standard sink.

A pod or trailer AC unit is easily transported to its outdoor location, while indoor/outdoor units created for high-static applications offer the utmost flexibility. Vertical portable air conditioning units are often used in tents and can evenly distribute the cooled air throughout the space.

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Each product listing includes detailed information to help you make informed choices about your air conditioning purchases. For example, this MovinCool Office PRO 12 Portable Spot Cooler is listed with a product catalog, warranty, service manual, operation manual, and specifications. You'll also find competitive pricing, list of compatible accessories, availability and lead time, and more. Shipping is free to the lower 48 states.

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