Diesel Indirect-Fired Construction Heaters

Direct and indirect-fired construction heaters both have their applications, but an indirect-fired unit is a better choice for an enclosed space or in areas where excess humidity is a hindrance or a danger. Indirect-fired models don't produce much CO2 or other fumes, and what they do produce is exhausted out of your work space, making them much safer than direct-fired models in small or poorly ventilated spaces. They're also useful on construction sites and in large spaces like warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Not only is the air from an indirect-fired construction heater cleaner, it's drier, too. This is a consideration if you're trying to dry paint or cure concrete, or if there's a risk of developing mold in the space.

While direct-fired models are more energy-efficient, making them ideal in large or outdoor spaces, safety is the primary reason people choose indirect-fired heaters. In small enclosed spaces, you can't take the risk of lowering the air quality by using a direct-fired unit.

While different models may run on propane, natural gas, or dual fuel, you should also take a look at the diesel construction heaters we have available:

They all produce clean, dry heat, and come with optional accessories like a steel exhaust pipe extension, rain cap, or remote thermostatic control. Each model is competitively priced and offered with free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. Contact us for bulk pricing on large orders.

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