Most of us have had the experience of turning on a faucet and waiting for the water to turn warm before we use it. Both at the sink and in the shower, this can result in gallons of wasted water. Electric point of use water heaters are designed to eliminate that waste by providing warm water on demand.

Small and energy-efficient, commercial and industrial point of use hot water heaters are installed close to the faucet for immediate hot water. By installing them in commercial kitchens or bathrooms, garages, pool houses, rental properties, or in any sink that's far from the main water heater, you can reduce waste (and your water bill) because you won't have clients, guests, or employees running the water for minutes at a time until they find the temperature they're looking for. This is especially important in cold climates, where the water can be icy cold as it emerges from the tap.

Electric water heaters are efficient, safe, and easy to mount to the wall or floor. Take a closer look at these space-saving point of use water heaters:

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Point of Use Water Heaters

Choosing your model largely depends on how much hot water you need at that faucet and how much space you have for the unit. Each of these electric water heaters are listed with installation guides, warranties, and other information to help ensure you're getting the right unit for your space and needs. We aim to make your purchasing process as easy as possible with factory-direct pricing and the fastest lead times in the industry, combined with bulk discounts (contact us directly) and fast, free shipping on every order in the lower 48 states.

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