In warehouses, distribution centers, and other large spaces, commercial and industrial air circulators help your employees stay comfortable. Pole, ceiling, or wall-mounted industrial fans keep the air moving to prevent stagnancy, regulate humidity, and reduce the risk of mold growth. Compact and powerful, these air circulators are a cost-friendly supplement or alternative to an air conditioning system in big rooms. 

At NorthStock, we carry a wide range of Canarm fans, J&D Manufacturing fans, TPI fans, and Triangle fans to meet your air circulation needs. Search by part number or browse our selection:

About Fixed Mount Air Circulators

From garages and warehouses to greenhouses, dairy facilities, and poultry barns, industrial air circulators help reduce your heating and cooling bills,  protect livestock, employees, and equipment, reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth, and keep the air moving. Today's fans are high-powered and low-maintenance, with a variety of features to suit your application. Choose from pole, ceiling, or wall-mounted industrial fans to ensure you can place the unit in an out-of-the-way location. 

Canarm fans, like this wall-mount fan, are available in 24- or 30-inch stationary or oscillating models. The pedestal version comes in 24- or 36-inch models. Both types feature three speeds, a standard OSHA-compliant guard, a thermally protected motor, and painted aluminum blades. 

J&D Manufacturing makes funnel fans and panel fans in a variety of sizes. The fiberglass funnel fans feature a variable-speed, energy-efficient motor and a unique shape that pushes the air twice as far as a traditional air circulator. It can be tilted up, down, and side to side for precise air control. Corrosion-resistant guards, rust-free housing, and a totally enclosed maintenance-free motor ensure a long service life. The J&D panel fans ship fully assembled and ready to install with a heavy-duty hanging chain kit. The belted models feature an automatic belt tensioning device, and all models feature pre-lubricated, permanently sealed shaft bearings for smooth operation over the long term. 

TPI fans include heavy-duty direct drive blowers with explosion-proof motors, belt drive suspension blowers, wall-mounted oscillating fans, three-speed modular fans, and more. Choose from dozens of models that meet OSHA standards with features like permanently lubricated and totally enclosed motors, secure front and/or rear grilles, coated steel guards, aluminum blades, and more. Select air circulators are neither cancelable nor returnable; if this is the case, you will be asked to confirm your understanding of this before you check out. Other models come with accessories, and you will be able to choose from compatible options on the main product page. 

Triangle fans include the JetAire series of high-velocity oscillating fans. Common in industrial, commercial, and golf course applications, these air circulators are made of durable polypropylene barrels and have totally enclosed motors. They come in two colors with a variety of optional accessories, including horizontal or vertical mounting brackets. Triangle overhead mount fans are used in gyms and factories, as airflow can be precisely directed with 90-degree tilt and 360-degree swivel. The suspended mount fans are available for hazardous as well as non-hazardous locations. 

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