Commercial and industrial inline duct fans help move air through your ducts. For industrial purposes, they're generally used to remove heat and humidity to help cool and ventilate your space. Inline duct fans come in a range of sizes and capabilities to suit your needs—and your ductwork. They're built to move high volumes of air with minimal noise.

While duct booster fans are typically used in residential applications—they're less powerful and less expensive than inline duct fans—they may be useful in some commercial applications. The Soler and Palau Dryer Booster Fan Kit, for example, can reduce humidity and make clothes drying quicker and more efficient in small laundry facilities or a company's onsite laundry room, particularly if you're working with long or complicated ducting. Take a look at the variety of commercial duct fans we have at NorthStock, Inc. You'll see availability and lead times with every product listing, so you have an idea of when to expect your duct fan.

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