Industrial facilities use duct fans for HVAC systems to remove heat and humidity and help cool and ventilate large spaces. These industrial inline fans are installed within the ductwork and built to quietly move high volumes of air. They come in a range of sizes and capabilities to suit your ducting and your facility's needs for supply or exhaust.

Commercial and industrial duct fans allow for the movement of air without taking up extra space in your facility or creating the need for extra ducting. At NorthStock, we maintain a large inventory of duct fans for your HVAC system. Take a closer look at our selection:

About Our Commercial and Industrial Duct Fans

Industrial and commercial duct fans are available in a range of styles and models to suit any application. Whether your goal is air intake or exhaust, these industrial inline fans offer efficient operation, easy installation, and reliable flow. At NorthStock, all orders ship fast and free in the lower 48 states, and we're happy to combine that offer with special pricing on bulk orders. 

Inline Cabinet Fans

Quiet and efficient in heating, cooling, and ventilation applications, inline cabinet fans are designed for supply, exhaust, or duct return. With a range of options for motors and accessories, you can customize your inline duct fan with filter housings, insulated housings, totally enclosed motors, and more. 

Dryer Booster Fans

Commonly used in long or complicated ducting, industrial and commercial dryer booster fans give your airflow that extra "boost" to save energy and prolong the life of the dryer. For facilities with a laundry room, a dryer booster fan is a way to reduce your drying times and reduce lint buildup. 

Mixed Flow Duct Fans

As an axial and centrifugal hybrid, mixed flow duct fans produce a lot of air while managing high pressures. It's a quiet, efficient choice for an inline duct fan in a high-pressure application. They're commonly used for commercial kitchen range exhaust, veterinary clinics, hospitals, hair salons, computer rooms, and equipment cooling. 

Radon Fans

Radon gas is naturally emitted from the ground, and it can seep into a building through the basement, foundation, and walls. Radon fans are designed to exhaust that radon from underneath a building before it can reach the inside, where it can accumulate to dangerous levels. This may be especially important if you live in an area identified by the EPA as having the potential for elevated indoor radon levels, including North Dakota, Ohio, Montana, Maine, and more, but it's important to note that there is no known safe level of radon exposure

Square Inline Centrifugal Duct Fans

Compact and easy to mount, square inline centrifugal duct fans are used where space is limited. Removable access doors make maintenance simpler. Centrifugal fans in general are especially efficient, making them ideal for large systems. 

Tubeaxial Duct Fans

Commonly used for enclosed garages, paint booths, general building ventilation, and smoke ventilation, tubeaxial duct fans perform well against moderate static pressure. With a range of available sizes and horsepower options in belt drive and direct drive models, you can find one to fit a variety of applications. 

Tubular Centrifugal Duct Fans

For exhaust or supply applications, these are used in restaurants, historical buildings, enclosed garages, crawl spaces, and more. Quiet, efficient, and reliable, tubular centrifugal duct fans are low-maintenance and easy to install. 

NorthStock is a leading distributor of heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions. Our goal is to ensure you get the parts and products you need as quickly as possible, which is why we offer extensive information on each product listing and provide outstanding customer service. Contact us to learn more about our industrial inline fans, and place your order today.