Valves & Actuators

For the precise regulation you need from a control valve, we trust Bray Commercial's hot water and steam control valves with factory mounted actuators for a wide variety of demanding HVAC valve applications: chiller isolation, boiler isolation, air handler coil flow control, duct coil flow control, terminal unit flow control, and more. We carry the complete line of Bray valves and actuators, the #1 brand for commercial HVAC applications.

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Control Valves & Actuators

Bray Commercial manufactures their products in a state-of-the-art facility under ISO 9001 quality standards to ensure the highest quality valves and actuators are on your job site. Each item is thoughtfully designed and built to last for years, which is why you'll find Bray Commercial valves at work in government buildings, convention centers, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, office and retail buildings, and many more.

Since 2003, Northstock has been a reliable source for high-quality commercial and industrial HVAC equipment and components. We stock thousands of HVAC units and replacement parts in our 7,000-square-foot facility, giving us the ability to serve our customers quickly and efficiently with the best prices and shortest lead times. We're proud to include Bray Commercial valves and actuators in our robust product offerings.

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