Thermostats and sensors for commercial buildings are your climate control centers. They must be reliable, easy to install, and versatile enough to accommodate a range of temperature requirements in various commercial and industrial settings. You might need a set temperature around-the-clock, increases and decreases depending on the time of day, or the ability to adjust the temperature even if you're not on site. 

Because of that, there is no one-size-fits-all thermostat for commercial buildings. Instead, you'll find a wide array of choices that have been specially designed to meet specific needs. At NorthStock, you have your choice of hundreds of commercial programmable thermostats (as well as non-programmable options) from the industry's leading manufacturers, and our friendly customer care team can answer any questions you might have about them. Browse our inventory or search by product number:

About Thermostats for Commercial Buildings

When choosing a thermostat for a commercial or industrial building, you have a lot to consider:

  • Do you require heating or cooling only?

  • Should the temperature stay the same all day or should it be adjusted based on working hours?

  • Will the thermostat be exposed to moisture or weather?

  • Do you want to be able to adjust the temperature even if you're not on site?

  • Is the thermostat at risk of being stolen or tampered with?

Fortunately, no matter how you answer those questions, there's a thermostat to meet your needs. 

When a steady temperature is required on a construction site or other temporary job site, you can choose a temp stat at your desired temperature for cooling or heating only. These low-cost thermostats are designed to be tamper-resistant. For a permanent tamper-resistant solution, the Conceal-a-Stat offers the same consistent temperature control in a flush-mounted concealed design, popular in hallways, hospitals, locker rooms, and warehouses. 

For a more traditional choice, commercial programmable thermostats can be battery-powered or hard-wired, and typically offer a wide range of programmable temperatures for heating and cooling. Today's technology allows for accuracy within about one degree, and the programmable feature gives you the opportunity to easily set desired temperatures for different times of day or days of the week to line up with working hours. This is a popular choice for schools, offices, and production facilities that do not operate around-the-clock. Non-programmable options are available in heating and cooling or heat only, and are more commonly used in buildings where the temperature needs to stay the same throughout the day and night, or where you prefer to make manual adjustments. 

A sleek touch-screen thermostat can be programmable or non-programmable, featuring keypad lockout, adjustable setpoint limits, and manual or auto changeover. It can be battery-powered or hardwired, and a high operating temperature makes it a popular choice in hot yoga rooms or other extreme environments as well as typical office or retail settings. 

For agricultural settings or other industrial and commercial environments where the thermostat is exposed to weather or wet conditions, choose a moisture-resistant thermostat. These feature rain-tight enclosures with a wide temperature range. For even more extreme environments, where thermostats and other equipment may be exposed to flammable gases, sparks, and more, hazardous location thermostats are available. 

As a leading HVAC distributor, NorthStock is proud to carry a wide selection of thermostats for commercial buildings, along with other heating, cooling, and ventilation systems and replacement parts. We offer fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states on orders of any size, and we're happy to combine that with special pricing on high-volume orders. Contact us to learn more about commercial programmable thermostats, non-programmable thermostats, and more.