Industrial swamp coolers are nothing new—the process of cooling hot air by passing it through water has been in use for centuries—but they're still a popular cooling solution because they're efficient and cost-effective. Today's commercial and industrial evaporative coolers are available in sleek designs, and they're more efficient than other air conditioning systems when used in the right environment: one that's hot and dry. Because they're typically equipped with filters, they can also improve your air quality. 

Humid areas, like the southern United States, are not the ideal location for commercial swamp coolers, but these units are a great choice in the western and southwestern parts of the country. That dry air responds to evaporative cooling in commercial and industrial applications like garages and workshops, barns, warehouses, storage units, construction sites, offices, classrooms, and more. At NorthStock, we're proud to offer Portacool commercial portable evaporative coolers for sale.


About Our Portacool Industrial Evaporative Coolers

Since 1990, when Portacool introduced its first industrial portable swamp cooler, the company has established itself as a worldwide leader in convenient, effective evaporative cooling units. Their portable units are positioned on wheels for easy maneuverability, and they can cool the air temperature by as much as 30 degrees in just one pass for a continuous zone of cool air in any environment. 

There are different Portacool industrial swamp cooler series to match specific environments. The Jetstream Series is a versatile, general-use series, with different models to meet your cooling needs. The  Jetstream 220, for example, is ideal for small workspaces and spot cooling, while the  Jetstream 270 is the most powerful model in the series, designed for use in larger coverage areas for whole-shop cooling power at a fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning. The company uses its own Jetstream units to cool spaces and keep their workers comfortable in their facilities no matter the sq. ft.

The  Hazardous Location commercial evaporative cooling systems are designed for safe operation in any location where potentially combustible gas and dust are present, including oil refineries, chemical production facilities, some garages and workshops, and more. They are spark-resistant, with fully-sealed switches, motors, pumps, and cords. 

Large heavy-duty drains make for easy maintenance, while automatic pump shut-off protects your unit and allows for greater efficiency. The Jetstream and Hazardous Location evaporative air coolers are all backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects on the housing and a three-year warranty on electrical components. Portacool products are made in the United States at the company's Texas headquarters utilizing Kuul evaporative media (the only evaporative media that's made in the USA), and they're trusted in industrial and commercial environments all over the world. 

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