Also known as swamp coolers, evaporative coolers have been keeping people comfortable for years—actually, for centuries. The concept of passing hot air through water to cool it goes back to ancient times, and today's technology puts the idea in sleek, efficient evaporative air cooler units. They humidify the air as they cool it, and they're more efficient than traditional air conditioners in the right environment.

Evaporative coolers are ideal for smaller spaces in dry climates, like the southwestern United States. They don't work as well in climates that are already humid, like the southern United States. Commercial and industrial swamp coolers may be called for in offices, classrooms, small warehouses or packing facilities, and more. We have a wide range of Portacool swamp coolers for sale - browse our inventory below.

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Choosing the right evaporative cooler means considering the size of your space and the temperature change you're trying to achieve. The environment is also a factor: there are Portacool models designed for use in hazardous locations. These swamp coolers are spark resistant with sealed electrical components for safety.

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