Industrial lighting shouldn't be an afterthought. The lighting solutions in your facility have an impact on worker safety and productivity. With better visibility, employees reduce eye strain and fatigue, improve speed and accuracy, and reduce the risk of injury and costly mistakes. The right lighting even helps your facility look better, creating a great first impression for visitors. 

At NorthStock, we carry a variety of warehouse lighting fixtures to suit your needs. From energy-efficient LED lights to traditional incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lights, and bright quartz halogen lights, we have portable and permanent lighting solutions for storage facilities, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, loading docks, and more. Browse our inventory:

About Industrial Lighting Solutions

LED, incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs each have their advantages in specific applications:

  • LED: Energy efficient, long-lasting, and versatile. Low operating temperature.

  • Incandescent: Typically less expensive than LED and emits a warm light. Produces enough heat to be used in incubators or brooding boxes. 

  • Fluorescent: More energy efficient than incandescent (but less so than LED). Low operating temperature. 

  • Halogen: Bright white light ideal for work lights, flood lights, or spotlights. Produces a lot of heat. 

It can be a challenge to choose the right lighting fixtures for your facility. Depending upon the size of the building and your lighting needs, you may require multiple lighting fixtures, different bulbs, and a clear plan for lighting layout. At NorthStock, we have a range of fixtures:

Tube Lights

The 29-LEDTLP-120-26 is an LED model featuring a lightweight, shatter-resistant polycarbonate tube housing and stainless steel mounting brackets. It generates 150 watts while only requiring 26 watts of power, and is ETL C/US listed for NEMA Type 13 applications (oil/water/coolant spray areas and dusty atmospheres). 

A fluorescent alternative is the 23-TLP-24VDC. Equally durable and lightweight, this lighting solution operates at a low voltage of 24V DC. It is not ETL listed.  

Portable Utility Lights

The LED bulb is included in this CL-300 Commercial Duty Portable Utility Light, but the ceramic socket will accept select incandescent bulbs up to 300 watts and infrared heat lamps up to 250 watts. It's lightweight and easy to affix to a workstation with the aluminum clamp.

Loading Dock Lights

Choose from LED or incandescent modular lights with adjustable arms ranging in length from 24 to 60 inches. Note that bulbs are not included on incandescent models. Chip-resistant yellow powder coating is durable and offers high visibility.

Halogen Lights

The TPI DKL-QH halogen modular light can be used with various standing or loading dock mounting arms. It features a 14-inch, 18/3 conductor cord that plugs into the electrical junction box on the arm. A wire guard and on/off switch is included with each light head.

Though many facilities are moving toward energy-efficient LED lighting, you may have specific applications that require incandescent or halogen lighting solutions. At NorthStock, we maintain an unparalleled inventory of industrial lighting and heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions to suit your needs.

We partner with the industry's leading manufacturers to provide high-quality products at low, factory-direct pricing. Each product listing features all the information we have about it, and you'll see compatible accessories listed with the unit so you can add them to your cart with confidence. Our mission is to ensure you have the commercial and industrial lighting and HVAC products you need as quickly as possible, so we do everything we can to help you make an informed purchase.

Our customer care team is friendly and knowledgeable, and we invite you to reach out if you have any questions. Contact us to learn more about energy efficient warehouse lighting and place your order today.