We're proud to carry the trusted Bray brand of HVAC valve actuators; electric and pneumatic actuators, PIC, globe and butterfly valve actuators. Bray's expansive valve actuator product line includes industrial actuators for Bray butterfly valves, commercial HVAC valve actuators with many control options and PIC and globe valve actuators.

Choose from our extensive portfolio of HVAC valve actuators. All of our valve actuators are calibrated and cycle tested before shipment. Pneumatic actuators are also pressure tested to assure no leakage. Guaranteed to provide years of trouble-free service!

About Bray


Valve Actuators

There are a wide range of commercial and industrial Bray valve actuators to help you find the best match in terms of both your budget and your technical needs. The electric and pneumatic industrial actuators give you options regarding torque, valves, and more. All are created to be low-maintenance with long life spans.

  • Series 70 Industrial Electric Actuators:

    Their compact design and direct mounting capability allows for easy installation even in small spaces. With torque outputs ranging from 600-18,000 in-lb, the Series 70 serves a wide range of quarter-turn applications including butterfly and ball valves. They can be directly mounted to Bray butterfly valves—no need for brackets.
  • Series 92/93 Industrial Pneumatic Actuators:

    Series 92 models are double-acting, while Series 93 are single-acting. As with the Series 70 electric actuators, these pneumatic actuators can be mounted directly to the valve top plate or saddle without an adapter. With a standard temperature range of -4°F to 200°F and torque up to 44,130 in-lb, they're suitable for outdoor use and come with a range of accessories.
  • AU Series Industrial Electric Actuators:

    With torque ranging from 21,300 in-lb to 70,800 in-lb, these electric actuators come with two auxiliary switches, torque switches, a position indicator, and a heater. As with other Bray actuators, these can be mounted on Bray butterfly valves and ball valves without adapters.
  • D, R & V Series Commercial Actuators:

    include maintenance-free spring return and non-spring return actuators. Spring return actuators offer a torque range of 27 to 180 in-lb while non-spring return actuators can go from 35 to 531 in-lb. A variety of optional features are available to help you customize your solutions.
  • GA, PA & VA Series Actuators:

    These linear actuators are primarily used for linear PICV and Globe valve applications. Available with a multitude of options for On/Off/Floating, Modulating, Electronic Failsafe, non-spring return and spring return versions.
  • Retrofits for Globe Valves and Butterfly Valves:

    Our Retrofit Kits make the transition from Pneumatic to DDC easier. In those instances when an existing globe or butterfly valve needs to be fitted with the proper electronic actuator, Bray has a quick, easy, and cost effective solution.
  • Actuator Accessories:

    Battery Backup (BBU), Weather Shields, Pneumatic Accessories