Stagnant air and unpleasant odors can create an uncomfortable working environment for employees in a number of industries. Commercial and industrial odor control blowers can be used for air exhaust, redistribution, or recirculation to eliminate the "bad air" that can make it hard to work in industrial settings like sewage and wastewater treatment plants, paper mills, pet food processing facilities, licensed medical cannabis production facilities, and more.

Industrial odor control blowers from Canarm are made of durable galvanized steel and feature quiet forward-curved blowers that make them ideally suited for indoor applications. The high-efficiency filtering system functions in temperatures ranging from -65 degrees F to 250 degrees F, while the variable pitch motor pulley allows you to meet your air delivery needs with an adjustment of about 15 percent. Different models allow you to match your odor control blower to the size and air quality needs of your facility.

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