Mixed flow duct fans are inline fans that can be used in exhaust, supply, or return air applications. As a hybrid between axial fans and centrifugal fans, mixed flow fans are an ideal solution when you need to move a lot of air in a high-pressure environment. They're commonly used for general ventilation, kitchen and bathroom exhaust, veterinary clinics, beauty salons, equipment room cooling, and duct boosting. With a small, compact design and low noise level, these inline fans offer high efficiencies in limited spaces for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. 

At NorthStock, we offer a selection of mixed flow duct fans when you need the high air flow capability of an axial fan combined with the power to overcome high pressure that you would find in a centrifugal fan. Search by part number or browse our inventory:

Mixed flow fans are available in a variety of sizes and voltage configurations to meet your needs. There are several advantages to using them in your HVAC system:

  • Easy to install

  • Low noise levels

  • Compact design

  • 100% speed controllable

  • Galvanized sheet metal casing

  • Integral thermal contacts for overheat protection

  • Energy efficient

  • Improves the efficiency of your heating or cooling system

  • Can be used for exhaust, supply, or return air

There are also a number of options and accessories available to help you customize your commercial or industrial mixed flow duct fan to best suit your application. Compatible accessories are listed with the product, and you'll have the opportunity to add them to your cart. Depending upon the fan model, these may include:

  • Speed control with on/off switch

  • Shut-off damper

  • Duct silencer

  • Metal hood supply air

  • Filter cassette with panel MERV5 filter

  • Mounting clamps

Inline fans are important for increasing the efficiency of your heating or cooling system, because they help ensure more of that warm or cool air makes it into the room. They're especially useful in long ducting or ducting with bends leading to a large space. Commercial and industrial mixed flow duct fans are built with easy access to the motor, keeping the installer and maintenance provider in mind.  

Today's manufacturers use the latest technology and production innovation to ensure each mixed flow duct fan is efficient and built to last—even with continuous operation. Look for thoughtful product details that make installation and operation simple and efficient. At NorthStock, we're proud to partner with leading manufacturers like Fantech that make products designed to solve the biggest heating, cooling, and ventilation challenges in industrial and commercial facilities. 

We want to make sure you find the parts and products you need as quickly as possible, and we maintain an extensive inventory to ensure we're a one-stop shop for you. We include a wealth of information with each mixed flow fan listing, including lead time and availability, product literature, features and photos, and low, factory-direct pricing. All our units are new—never used or refurbished—and we ship them fast and free to any address in the lower 48 states. Expedited shipping options are available at checkout. For bulk orders, please contact us in advance for special pricing. 

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