Leverage Humidity Control Systems for Your Business

Want to keep your industrial or commercial space in top condition? Make sure you have balanced humidity levels! Humidity levels can vary based on the HVAC system you have and outside temperatures. The proper humidity keeps mold and bacteria from forming, equipment looking and working like new, and removes dust and other harmful agents from the air. NorthStock offers quality dehumidifiers and humidifiers that are energy-efficient and cost-effective. 

Dehumidifiers for a Quality and Controlled Environment

Without proper humidity levels, too much moisture can fill the air in your space. This moisture reacts with the machinery and equipment causing it to corrode and rust. To keep your machinery and equipment looking and functioning like new, it is essential to control the moisture in the air. NorthStock has options for industrial dehumidifiers for warehouse, factory, and distribution centers as well as commercial-grade dehumidifiers for spaces like retail locations, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. 

High humidity levels are grounds for mold and bacteria growth. If you are working in an environment that must be sterile, you should focus on removing unnecessary moisture from the air with control systems to prevent health hazards. NorthStock’s inventory of dehumidifiers offers a lasting solution for moisture in the air for both commercial and industrial applications.


Precise Climate Control with Humidifiers

When working to achieve humidity control, we must also consider air that is too dry. Dry air contains dust, particles, and airborne contaminants that can aggravate sinuses and allergies, creating an environment where people are more susceptible to illness and discomfort. NorthStock’s commercial grade humidifiers fill the air with moisture, capturing dust and other particles, creating cleaner air for a more comfortable and productive environment. Humidified air can also boost alertness and help combat dryer seasons throughout the year. 

Maintaining controlled climates ensures the ideal conditions for products, materials, and equipment are met. This is especially important in industries that deal with food processing and pharmaceuticals, where humidity must be 50% or lower. Industrial humidifiers reduce static in the air by increasing the moisture content, reducing the risk for sparks, explosions, and fires. By adding moisture to the air, the chances of static electricity affecting computers and machinery lowers significantly. 

Ready to get started with a reliable humidity control solution? NorthStock offers free lower-48 shipping on all dehumidifiers and humidifiers. Not sure about the right solution for your business? Contact us and an expert at NorthStock will work with you directly to find the right option for your needs.