The Bray PA(M) series is a line of linear motor actuators to be used primarily on Bray PIC Valves utilized in Building Automation Systems. These actuators are available with a multitude of options for On/Off/Floating or Modulating with or without electronic Failsafe. These actuators automatically calibrate to the stroke of the valve as soon as power is applied and are field selectable direct or reverse acting. The Bray GA(S) Series is a direct mount line of linear motor actuators to be used primarily on PIC & globe valves. The patented drive-valve coupling allows the drive to be connected to the valve automatically as soon as the power is applied to the actuator. An external crank handle enables the desired position to be set manually as well. Microprocessor technology enables the actuator to identify the functions required and to adapt itself automatically to the control valve properties. The Bray VAL-SRS07 and VAL-SRS15P Spring Return Electro Hydraulic Actuators provide precise modulating control of Bray DG Series Globe Valves. These actuators use electro hydraulic force to achieve superior close-off pressure ratings.

Bray linear PIC and globe valve actuators are available with on/off, floating and modulating controls.