Commercial and industrial gas heaters are a great choice for heating large, open spaces. They're economical, reliable, and more efficient than electric heaters. Whether you choose a natural gas heater or a propane gas heater, only the fan and control component require electricity to run—so you'll use far less electricity to heat your workshop, warehouse, conference space, or other facilities than you would use with an electric heater.

Whether you go with a propane or natural gas heater will depend upon a variety of factors. For example, natural gas may not be an option if it's not available in your area or if it's not already supplied to your building. While propane is typically more expensive than natural gas, it does offer about twice the heat for the same amount of fuel. The cost of each fuel will vary from region to region, but they both tend to be cheaper than electricity. Natural gas and propane are two of the cleanest burning fossil fuels leading you to a more eco-friendly workplace.

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Propane & Natural Gas Heaters

Northstock carries a large selection of both natural gas and propane gas heaters in our 7,000 square foot facility, and we can help you decide which one is right for your application. Each product listing offers thorough information so you can make an informed purchasing decision. You will see competitive pricing, availability, and lead times as well as all necessary manuals and catalogs. Each gas heater product page includes a list of required and optional accessories and installation guidelines so you know what to expect.

Still not sure which heater is best for your application? Talk to us! Our customer service team is experienced, technically proficient and ready to answer your questions about gas heaters.

For temporary jobs, like construction sites, gas construction heaters are ideal. They're portable and lightweight and typically don't require any electricity. You can choose from fan-forced, convection, ductable and portable designs.

For spaces with high ceilings or poor insulation, gas infrared heaters (radiant heaters) work to heat the people and objects in the room, rather than heating the air. It's the most efficient heating method. Infrared heaters consume about half the fuel as a fan-forced heater system. Gas unit heaters are popular in factories and warehouses for their ability to produce a lot of heat and be mounted on the ceiling, out of the way, while Gas duct furnaces can be used indoors or outdoors in large industrial and commercial HVAC systems with a central blower. 

The Modine Hot Dawg line is the industry leader among gas heaters for residential use as well as light commercial and industrial applications. NorthStock is proud to be one of the few authorized distributors of Modine heaters in the country, and when you purchase your Hot Dawg from us, you'll always get a free thermostat and free shipping.

Free shipping is available on all orders, no matter the size, anywhere in the lower 48 states, and our large inventory allows us to fulfill orders quickly. In-stock items often ship the same day! If our standard free ground shipping is not fast enough, expedited shipping options will display at checkout. 

Northstock is one of the country's leading HVAC supply companies. You can rely on us for thorough product information, prompt delivery, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Contact us if we can help you choose a gas heater for your commercial and industrial needs.