Condensate neutralizers are devices that raise the pH of acidic condensate in high-efficiency, gas-burning appliances to a safe level before it is disposed into piping, sewer, septic systems, and treatment facilities. During the past decade, the number of condensing boilers, furnaces and water heaters being installed has continued to rise every year. All indications are that this trend will continue and in some cases condensate neutralizers are already mandated by federal authorities. Provisions for dealing with the corrosive condensate from these appliances are covered by the Plumbing Codes on the national, state and local levels. Because of the long term effects of the sustained introduction of this corrosive condensate into drains and sewer lines, there is a growing awareness of the need to educate code enforcement officials, contractors and homeowners of the need and the means to neutralize this corrosive outflow.
Industrial gas-burning furnaces and water heaters are effective and efficient, but they have special considerations—including the need for a condensate neutralizer. As your system burns the fuel, it creates gas and water by-products, which are drained away from your facility. The condensation is acidic enough to damage your pipes and anything else it comes in contact with. Damaged drains can lead to costly repairs. 
Condensate neutralizers bring the acidity of the water down to a safe level. Wastewater can then be disposed of without risking your entire system. NorthStock, Inc. is proud to offer Neutra-Safe condensate neutralizers and recharge kits in a variety of sizes. Take a closer look at our inventory: