Water heaters, furnaces, and condensing boilers produce an acidic condensate that can damage your drains, pipes, and septic systems over time, resulting in costly repairs and downtime. Neutralizing that condensate is essential to prolonging the life of your system, reducing the need for maintenance and repairs, and protecting the environment, which is where Neutra-Safe comes in. Based in Stoughton, Massachusetts, Neutra-Safe proudly manufactures their condensate neutralizers, neutralizing pumps, and recharge kits in the United States. These products are trusted in facilities all over the country, including municipal treatment facilities as well as industrial and commercial buildings, including warehouses, offices, hotels, manufacturing plants, and more. 

NorthStock is proud to offer Neutra-Safe condensate neutralizers, recharge kits, and more. Get to know this family-owned company and its range of highly-effective, environmentally-friendly solutions for systems of all sizes.

About Neutra-Safe Condensate Neutralizers and Recharge Kits

Neutra-Safe's entire focus is on safely neutralizing and disposing of condensate—they do one thing, and they do it very well. Their mission is "to lead and innovate in the design and manufacture of condensate neutralization systems and components across the plumbing and heating industries in the U.S. and abroad." 

Carefully engineered and manufactured with the installer in mind, Neutra-Safe products are easy to install, inspect, and maintain via a clear, tube-style design with patented built-in unions and O-ring seals. The tube-style condensate neutralizers are available in six sizes with snap-in mounting brackets, or choose from two high-capacity tray/tank style models. The tanks are made of durable polyethylene, and the tray model is centered on a patent-pending serpentine design that ensures the acidic condensate receives more exposure to the neutralizing agents for a more effective process.

Because the condensate neutralizers are refillable, you don't have to replace the whole unit every time. This allows for a more environmentally-friendly solution that contributes to your company's sustainability profile while it meets your needs for effective neutralization and simplified inspection and maintenance. It's part of Neutra-Safe's own commitment to doing their part to protect the environment. 

The recharge kits feature a proprietary blend of calcite and magnesium oxide in a fabric sack, offering superior performance that works with all gas-fired condensing appliances. How often the media should be refilled depends upon the size of your system and the level of acidity in your condensate. Fortunately, because it's easy to inspect, you can keep an eye on the neutralizer to identify when refilling is necessary. 

Company owners Mike and Dottie Bernasconi have skillfully taken Neutra-Safe from its humble beginnings in their garage to its current standing as a leading HVAC manufacturer and trusted expert on condensate neutralizers. Mike's experience as a Master Plumber has led their team to create innovative solutions that address real-life challenges in a variety of applications, resulting in user-friendly neutralizers and recharge kits that are as easy to install and inspect as they are effective. They provide thorough education and training on their products, and their responsive customer service team fulfills orders quickly. The company is also passionate about taking care of their employees with competitive compensation, benefits, and company outings that include the entire family. 

NorthStock takes pride in partnering with the best manufacturers in the heating, cooling, and ventilation industry to ensure our customers receive the highest-quality products available, and Neutra-Safe is a natural fit for us. Contact us to learn more about this company and their condensate neutralizers, recharge kits, and more. Enjoy factory-direct pricing, free shipping, and knowledgeable attention to every order so you can rest assured you'll receive the products you need as quickly as possible.