Restaurants, paint booths, factories, barns, greenhouses, and many other indoor workspaces require effective ventilation to ensure the comfort and safety of employees, livestock, equipment, and products. Acme fans are designed to meet those unique needs, no matter the size of the space or the ventilation challenges you face. With more than 80 years of experience in engineering, testing, and manufacturing commercial, industrial, horticultural, and agricultural ventilation solutions, the Acme fan company provides exceptional products backed by industry-leading comprehensive warranties.

NorthStock is proud to be a trusted Acme distributor. Browse our extensive selection of Acme fan replacement motors and get to know this innovative company and the versatile ventilation solutions it has to offer. 

About Acme Fans

Different applications require different ventilation considerations, which is why the Acme fan company has developed diverse solutions to meet agricultural, industrial, commercial, and horticultural needs, along with OEM wheels, props, and fans. This broad product line reaches customers all over the world.

Downblast fans are ideal in areas that need extra airflow, like dairy cow holding areas and milking stations, as well as warehouses and manufacturing facilities. The DXP60DB model features a stainless steel hanging bracket and airflow of up to 41,000 CFM. Meanwhile, the Acme Sync Direct Drive Fans allow for 85 percent efficiency for incredible energy savings over the year. You can easily adjust the speed to adapt to changing environmental conditions, and there are no belts or bearings to repair or replace, allowing for a low-maintenance solution. 

The CAEG self-contained evaporative cooling system is ideal for both new and retrofitted greenhouse applications, while the ultra-silent, low-profile ceiling ventilators are rust-proof and feature a permanently lubricated motor for ongoing ventilation in warehouses and other spaces. The VQES model is Energy Star rated, HVI certified, and ETL listed, and you can choose from accessories like aluminum or steel grilles, a polymeric grille with a night light, motion sensors, humidity sensors, and more. Laboratory exhaust fans are specially designed to meet ANSI 29:5 lab ventilation standards, NFPA 45 standards on fire protection for labs that use chemicals, and ASHRAE laboratory guidelines. 

No matter your environmental conditions or airflow and power needs, there's an Acme fan for your application. Choose from steel and aluminum construction, automatic and motorized shutters, cooling and ventilation solutions, and permanent and portable fans. Acme fans are known for being low-maintenance, long-lasting, powerful, and efficient, making them a reliable, cost-effective investment. 

Acme Engineering and Manufacturing Corporation is headquartered in Muskogee, Oklahoma with about 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space and a highly-trained team of engineers, technicians, sales representatives, and more. Their world-class research center features air and sound laboratories, with wind tunnels, sound analyzer equipment, and stress and vibration analysis capabilities, and their prototyping facilities give them the ability to quickly develop new cooling and ventilation solutions. Keeping that entire process under their control allows for the ultimate in quality assurance and personal accountability for each unit they produce, and their commitment to ongoing innovation and development ensures they stay on top of industry needs and trends.  

As a family-owned business, the team at Acme fan company takes pride in their work and is committed to customer satisfaction, much like we are here at NorthStock. As an Acme fan motors distributor, we carry a large inventory of new products and offer fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states, with expedited shipping available at checkout, and we can often get your order on the road within a day. Contact us for more information about Acme fan motors and other heating, air conditioning, and ventilation solutions.