HTP was founded in 1974. They were the first to offer a boiler with modulating/condensing technology, and ever since they've been focused on serving both residential and commercial clients with highly efficient user-friendly heating solutions. The company's products are regularly featured on the annual Energy Star list of most efficient boilers.

With a clear understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to water heating, HTP puts their expertise to work on a variety of solutions. For commercial space heating, they offer four boiler series. The Elite FT is a popular choice, as it features a corrosion-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger and a down fire design that essentially eliminates the need for maintenance. This model is often used for both residential and commercial applications. The Elite XL commercial condensing boiler has a thermal efficiency rating of 97 percent. It comes in seven models that can be remotely monitored.

For water heater tanks, HTP has five gas and six electric options. The Phoenix has a 96 percent efficiency rating and a five to one turndown ratio. The Phoenix Sanitizer is designed for the high-temperature requirements you'll find in commercial kitchens, dairies, wineries, breweries, and more.

Electric solutions start with the Everlast Point of Use water heater, with three different capacities for instant hot water where you need it most in commercial settings. For smaller hot water requirements, the Everlast Mini Tank, available in three smaller capacities, may be a more economical choice.

Bridging the gap between tank and tankless water heaters is the High Efficiency Crossover Commercial Water Heater. With indoor and outdoor models, this unit was designed to provide consistent pressure and temperature.

Indirect water heating solutions include the SuperStor line, along with stainless steel and glass lined storage tanks. Though it's not a standard offering, you may choose to customize a tank with double-glass lining. Large volume storage tanks come jacketed and insulated (with two-inch high-density foam), ranging from 200 to 1,530 gallons, or bare, with options that hold up to 5,695 gallons. In 2015, HTP started making and supplying solar thermal products.

This varied catalog serves schools, office buildings, restaurants, apartment complexes, and so many other facilities with reliable space and water heating. The high-efficiency solutions have helped some buildings save up to 40 percent on their heating bills, and HTP is committed to the ongoing innovation and development that will conserve resources and help their clients save even more in the future. As owner Dave Davis is quoted on their website, "High efficiency is all we do and all we care about." That level of commitment has allowed them to laser-focus on what they do best, rather than spreading their expertise across a wider range of unrelated products.

Headquartered in Massachusetts and dedicated to lean manufacturing, HTP is looking to the future, and Northstock is glad to be alongside them to provide the HTP parts online you need for your high-efficiency boilers. For more information about HTP products and other HVAC solutions, contact us.