Industrial and commercial portable air conditioners are essential in a number of settings and situations: outdoor events, hospitals and other medical facilities, factories and warehouses, construction sites, schools, and more. They're also required for cooling relief in emergency situations. MovinCool identified these needs in 1982; their original portable cooling product—the first in the world—was the Classic 10 spot cooler, and it spawned an entire industry.

MovinCool AC solutions continue to lead the industry with incredible innovation, reliability, and value, and Northstock is proud to be a trusted distributor of MovinCool air conditioners.

MovinCool, a division of DENSO Corporation, understands the diversity of applications for portable cooling—which is why they have a wide range of products built to meet specific needs. The Climate Pro K series, for example, is ideal for offices, computer rooms, hospitals, labs, and retail spaces. You can simply roll in the unit and plug it into the wall, making it useful for supplementary cooling and emergency back-up. It comes in models ranging from 12,000 to 60,000 Btu/h and can cool a room to the mid-60s °F.

The Climate Pro X series is available in units ranging from 13,200 to 24,000 Btu/h with a three-speed fan and adjustable nozzles. They're built to handle temperatures as high as 113 °F, ideal for warehouses, construction sites, outdoor events, manufacturing facilities, assembly lines, and moisture control situations. You can add a subscription for remote monitoring, geolocation, and performance notifications.

The Classic series goes back to where it all began: the original, time-tested standard for commercial portable air conditioners. Rugged and durable with digital temperature controls, these units range from 10,000 to 60,000 Btu/h and are used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers, as well as for outdoor events, process cooling, and moisture removal.

The Climate Pro D series is a two-in-one solution for supplemental heating and cooling in schools, offices, hospitals, and more. It's ideal for temperature control on unseasonably warm or cool days. It may be too early in the fall to turn on your main heating system, for example, but your D series unit can roll in and keep employees, students, or customers warm on that one cold day in early September.

Finally, the CM series is the ceiling-mounted spot cooling solution for rooms that have limited floor space. Environmentally friendly and available in two sizes, they can be installed in nearly any drop ceiling.

Every MovinCool air conditioner is rigorously tested to ensure reliability and durability. The company strives for zero defects in every product, and the units typically last for more than a decade. The ongoing innovation that leads MovinCool to develop cooling solutions to meet every commercial and industrial need has also led them to develop the connectivity-ready portable coolers that give you the ability to wirelessly receive performance notifications, 24/7 reporting, and real-time location updates, so you can track your assets. These are the first units in the industry to offer this functionality.

MovinCool has a history of leading the way, and they're committed to holding their position as a trusted and innovative manufacturer of portable cooling solutions. For your peace of mind, they offer a full three-year manufacturer's warranty on every registered product. For CM models, it's two years on the unit and three years on the compressor. If you don't register your MovinCool AC within 90 days, you'll still enjoy a one-year warranty. It's all part of their commitment to ensuring you're happy with your portable AC.

We carry the complete line of MovinCool air conditioners along with replacement parts and accessories. As an industry-leading HVAC distributor, Northstock is committed to partnering with the top brands to offer our customers a wide selection and competitive prices. Contact us to learn more about MovinCool AC solutions and other heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.