Electric heat is reliable and cost-effective, making it an ideal choice in many schools, manufacturing facilities, recreation centers, offices, and restaurants. Many of those facilities choose QMark heaters for their functionality, safety, and aesthetic value; the company is committed to manufacturing high-quality products with an attention to detail at an affordable price. QMark offers a wide range of heating solutions to fit a variety of unique applications, including non-standard situations that require customized innovation.

Northstock is proud to be one of the selected distributors of these high-quality electric units and parts in North America. Learn more about the diverse selection of QMark electric heaters and how they can work in your building below.

QMark can provide for a wide range of commercial and industrial heating needs. The extensive product catalog includes ceiling and wall heaters, unit heaters, and convectors as well as hazardous location and washdown heaters.

The QMark MUH series is great for a temperature range of 40°-90° F. They're commonly used in stairwells, shipping docks, warehouses, and garages. Meanwhile, the QMark AWH series—architectural heavy-duty wall heaters—serve the same temperature range in hallways, entryways, conference rooms, restaurants, offices, and anywhere you require a powerful heater with a sleek, attractive look that complements the room's decor.


Commercial downflow ceiling heaters (the CDF series) are great for bathrooms, waiting rooms, and offices, and are available in recessed or surface-mount models. For installation on the floor, the FDI series offer the ideal units for small spaces like bathrooms and office cubicles.
QMark unit heaters like the CUS900 series can help offset the loss of heat in large, open areas like churches and transportation terminals. Plenum-rated units, like the CHPR series, are built for safe concealed-space use with zero clearance.

Hazardous locations are covered by the GUX series explosion-proof unit heaters, common in oil refineries, treatment plants, paint and chemical storage areas, and more. The QWD series is the corrosion-resistant washdown line for treatment plants, greenhouses, steel mills, car washes, and foundries.

No matter your space, QMark can heat it. With a thorough understanding of the industry and their clients, the brand knows that every HVAC situation is different. That's why you have so many commercial and industrial electric heater styles and models to choose from. They strive to offer practical and innovative solutions—with customized options when the standard just won't do. This is just the beginning of the thousands of QMark products we carry. The QMark development team is dedicated to watching industry trends and customer demands, and they continue to grow and evolve with the industry. They're constantly innovating to find the most practical heating solutions for current and future needs.

The majority of the products are developed and manufactured in Bennettsville, South Carolina, in an ISO 9001: 2008 certified facility; the company values its long-standing relationships with regulatory organizations, and every product meets or exceeds industry standards. QMark's attention to quality and safety is highly respected throughout the HVAC industry, and we're happy to include the full range of QMark heater parts and units in our inventory.

To learn more about QMark heaters, or any of our HVAC products, contact us or request a quote. As a leading HVAC distributor, Northstock is committed to providing the largest selection of top-quality heating, cooling, and ventilation products and parts from the top brands in the industry, and QMark is among them.