For an efficient, long-lasting HVAC system, you have to start with high-quality heating and air conditioning units and components. From there, it's all about how you take care of that equipment. Using exceptional products like Fernox cleaner, filters, and diagnostic testing help keep your system operating at optimal levels. 

Fernox "Makes Water Work" and has been doing so since 1964 as a leader in water treatment chemical products, heating system filters, and more. Commercial Fernox inhibitors and Fernox fluid protectors help prevent scale accumulation and pipe corrosion to protect your central heating system, while Fernox cleaner removes debris that has already settled in. Their full line of products includes a range of filters, test kits, leak sealers, and more. At NorthStock, we're proud to be a Fernox distributor, and we carry a large inventory of their products. Get to know this outstanding company and how Fernox can help you increase the lifespan and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

About Fernox Cleaner and Other Products

Commercial Fernox cleaner is a non-acidic, environmentally friendly solution that can be used to pre-commission a new installation or remove limescale from an existing system to prevent boiler damage. It's safe for use with all materials that are commonly found in HVAC systems and can be used with all powerflushing machines with no neutralizer required. After you've cleaned the system, you can use Fernox fluid protector to help prevent future limescale buildup and prevent bacterial contamination. It also protects aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and cast iron against corrosion for long-lasting system efficiency. 

Fernox inhibitors, like the FC1 Filter Fluid + Inhibitor, can be used with the Fernox TF1 Delta filter or other in-line system filters to allow for the safe collections of debris and scale to the filter. This is best used in lightly or moderately contaminated systems—for heavy buildup, the system should be cleaned and flushed with the FC3 Cleaner prior to use of the inhibitor.

Fernox Alphi-11 is an antifreeze protector to guard against frost, corrosion, and limescale buildup, and it's safe to use with other Fernox products. Leak Sealer F4 is an efficient way to seal small leaks that would otherwise be inaccessible or inconvenient to fix. It reduces downtime to help you save money, and it won't block your pump or air vents. 

When it comes to Fernox boiler treatment, the Boiler Commissioning Kit and the Express Boiler Commissioning Kit are designed to restore energy efficiency, minimize corrosion, and inhibit scale and sludge. The Boiler Noise Silencer is compatible with all Fernox protectors and can permanently be left in your system. It reduces boiler noise and improves heat transfer efficiency. 

All Fernox cleaners and other products can be used with the Fernox Powerflow flushing machine, and NorthStock carries a selection of replacement parts and filters, including the Fernox Powerflow Flushing AdapterPump Head Adapter, and more. The Fernox Powerflow is the most effective way to clean your system and restore its performance level. 

As a subsidiary of MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions and a business unit of Element Solutions, Inc., Fernox is headquartered in Woking, United Kingdom, and maintains manufacturing facilities throughout Europe and offices in the United States, the People's Republic of China, and several European countries. With an extensive research and development program that includes 13 facilities around the world and 250 scientists and engineers, the company is dedicated to meeting the changing requirements and demands of the industry. Fernox prohibits animal testing, maintains strict policies for corporate responsibility, and produces products that meet or exceed industry standards for safety and efficacy. 

As a leading HVAC distributor, NorthStock maintains an unparalleled inventory of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems and solutions. Fernox produces high-level products that meet our standards for performance, and we look forward to helping you find the right cleaner, inhibitor, and more for your system. Contact us to learn more about Fernox and our long relationship with this company.