Beacon Morris developed the first kickspace heater, and has since become the country's leading manufacturer of this space-saving heating solution for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and foyers in a range of businesses, schools, and homes. The company also produces high-quality gas and propane unit heaters, convectors, gas duct heaters, hydronic panel radiators, and so much more.

Northstock is a proud distributor of Beacon Morris heaters and parts, and have thousands of products that are ready to ship. Browse our selection or search by part number to find your next Beacon Morris heater or learn more about these reliable, high-quality heaters.

Headquartered in Massachusetts, Beacon Morris proudly manufactures all of its products in the United States. In the 1960s, the company invented the Twin-Flo kickspace heater, which brought it to the forefront of the industry and set the company's tone for specialty heating solutions. This innovation and continued commitment to excellence over the years caught the eye of Mestek, who acquired Beacon Morris in 1982.

The latest iteration of this kickspace heater is the Twin-Flo III, designed to fit in even the tightest spaces and prized for its quiet operation, high level of efficiency, and long life span. It's tested and certified for high performance in both the United States and Canada, and it's backed by an impressive five-year parts warranty. While these heaters are typically installed under a cabinet or a stair riser, there are different mounting options available. Type F, for example, is for surface wall mounting, while Type W allows recessed wall mounting. A popular choice for homeowners, the Twin-Flo III is may be a good choice for your rental properties, some office buildings, and more.

Though the Twin-Flo is perhaps the best-known Beacon Morris product, it's only one of many Beacon Morris heaters we have available. They take the same care and innovation that brought us the kickspace heater and put it into every well-crafted heating solution they create.

Choose natural gas or propane options for the Optum high-efficiency unit heaters and the gas duct furnaces. The horizontal and vertical hydronic unit heaters are ideal in large facilities that use central hot water and steam boilers for heating; they're available in 10 models, 28 arrangements, and eight CFM sizes. Cabinet unit heaters come in a range of sizes and colors, with plenty of options and accessories so you can truly customize your heating solution. Different models can be mounted on the floor, wall, or ceiling (including recessed mounting options).

Our list of Beacon Morris parts is just as extensive. From heat exchangers and explosion proof motors to mounting kits, thermostats, fan speed switches, inlet air screens, gaskets, grommets, grilles, connector cables, and so much more, if your Beacon Morris heater needs it, we've got it, and we'll ensure you get it as quickly as possible.

The thousands of units and parts we have available is a testament to the thorough understanding this manufacturer has of the industry. Different situations require different heating solutions, and the variety you'll see within the Beacon Morris catalog demonstrates their willingness and ability to provide options for every space. We're proud to have this product family in our inventory, and we're excited to see how these solutions can work for you.

Northstock is committed to offering the best brands in the industry, and Beacon Morris fits right in with our mission to ensure customers receive the best value for products they can rely on. Contact us to learn more about Beacon Morris heaters and which one might be right for your application.