Proper ventilation is essential in any commercial or industrial space to ensure the comfort and safety of employees and visitors. OSHAcalls it " of the most important engineering controls available to the industrial hygienist for improving or maintaining the quality of the air in the occupational work environment." In situations where dust, fumes, and stagnant air could endanger someone's health or hinder their ability to do their job, companies rely on ventilation solutions from manufacturers like Canarm. 

Canarm fans, blowers, air purification systems, roof-mounted ventilation, and more are built with high-quality components and innovative engineering to ensure a long-lasting ventilation solution at a competitive price. There's a Canarm solution for you no matter your application, and NorthStock is proud to be a distributor of these outstanding products. Get to know the entire line-up of Canarm exhaust fans, odor control blowers, circulating fans, and more.


About Canarm Fans

For more than 75 years, Canarm has been making innovations in the HVAC industry, with a complete line of industrial, commercial, and residential ventilation solutions. The company has invested heavily in growth and new technology by doubling the size of its Ontario, Canada production facility and adopting robotics and state-of-the-art equipment and systems to meet the needs of its customers. With these capabilities, they've reduced the need for outsourcing and increased productivity, in-house testing, and rapid delivery.

There's a ventilation solution for facilities and applications of all shapes and sizes. The Canarm Scentinel-IDB12 Odor Control Blower features galvanized steel construction and Delhi blowers that don't surge or stall, ideal for indoor odor control. It's a popular choice in paper mills, pet food processing plants, wastewater treatment facilities, and licensed medical cannabis production facilities. 

Canarm exhaust fans are designed for everything from bathrooms and schools to warehouses, bakeries and commercial kitchens, garages and workshops, hospitals, and parking garages. The Canarm BPT12-13H Bathroom Exhaust Fan is ideal for bathrooms up to 75 square feet, while the SD12-XPF Explosion Proof Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan features a totally-enclosed ball-bearing motor with thermal overload protection for use in hazardous environments. 

The Canarm upblast and downblast roof exhaust fans feature spun aluminum housing for rust and chip resistance and quick-release latches for easy access to the motor. They're common in commercial kitchens, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, schools, and more. Upblast fans are used to remove contaminated air from the building, while downblast fans are used to exhaust relatively clean air.

You'll find portable Canarm fans, like the HVR24 2-Speed High-Velocity Drum Fan, which are easily moveable on wheels or can be mounted on the ceiling with a conversion kit. Canarm commercial ceiling fans, oscillating wall mount fans,pedestal circulating fans, and specialty greenhouse fans are all designed for efficient, quiet operation. They have features like thermally protected motors, OSHA guards, and painted aluminum blades, and they're available in a range of sizes. Moisture-proof ceiling or wall fans are ideal in humid environments like pool rooms, spas, and greenhouses. (Canarm's greenhouse solutions don't stop with ventilation. The company also manufactures grow lights in customizable spectrums with adjustable light intensity to suit the unique needs of your plants.)

Headquartered in Canada with facilities in the United States, Canarm has a broad reach worldwide. They value high-level service, as evidenced by their knowledgeable and enthusiastic customer and technical support teams, and customers trust Canarm's dependable solutions, precisely engineered for specific applications. 

At NorthStock, we're proud to partner with this industry leader to provide Canarm fans and replacement parts, including wheels, belts, hot and chilled water cooling coils, weather hoods, blades, isolator springs, and more. Contact us to learn more Canarm industrial fans and other ventilation solutions.