Event spaces, emergency situations, greenhouses, and various agricultural settings have unique climate control requirements. Managing heating, cooling, and ventilation can be a matter of life and death in these circumstances, and no company has a better understanding of that than L.B. White. Since 1952, L.B. White heaters, fans, and cooling systems, including a full range of direct-fired and indirect-fired forced air heaters, convection heaters, and radiant heaters, have been trusted in diverse applications around the world. With their exceptional fuel efficiency and reliability, you'll find these units in swine and poultry barns, greenhouses, party tents, construction sites, and more. 

At NorthStock, we're proud to offer a large inventory of L.B. White heater parts and heating units. Take a closer look:

About L.B. White Heaters

Because no two environments are alike, L.B. White heaters are available in propane, kerosene, and natural gas models, with a variety of Btu rates, ignition types, installation options, and electrical requirements. The company makes it easy to essentially customize a climate control solution for your application. They uphold high quality standards in all phases of the manufacturing process, and their products meet industry requirements for safety and efficiency in barns, greenhouses, event spaces, and more. 

The L.B. White Premier portable heaters can be used for drying hemp and maintaining a comfortable temperature on temporary construction sites and event tents. This ductable construction heater, for example, runs on propane and offers an output of 80,000 Btu/hr with 99.97 percent fuel efficiency. It's easy to transport and features a tri-shield finish for protection against abrasion and corrosion. The L.B. White Premier line can be used indoors or outdoors with safety features that include built-in temperature management, fully-enclosed electronics, and airflow safety devices. These units are certified to meet or exceed CSA safety standards. 

The popular L.B. White Tradesman series features propane and natural gas forced air heaters, like the L.B. White Tradesman 170. These units have a dependable electric spark ignition and variable output to help you save fuel. Portable kerosene models, like the Tradesman K210, feature handles on all sizes, wheels, and a pressure gauge for easy servicing. 

The L.B. White Foreman series is vented to provide 100 percent clean air. It's built to withstand harsh environments, and can be used in insulated areas, docks, and emergency situations. The Foreman 230 Oil Indirect-Fired Vented Heater is a common choice for construction and other work areas, as it features a 43-gallon fuel tank, up to 100 feet of ducting, and quiet operation. 

As a leading global manufacturer, L.B. White has a team of mechanical and agricultural engineers with more than 125 years of combined experience. Their engineering laboratory features 2D and 3D CAD software, CFD simulation software, a FLIR® infrared camera, combustion analyzers for CO, CO2, O2, and NOX NO2, and gas chromatography for other hydrocarbons. With extensive capabilities and a commitment to leading the way in climate control design and development, L.B. White manufactures proprietary products and owns numerous patents. It's all supported with industry-leading warranties and a world-class customer service team. 

L.B. White heaters are produced at facilities in Onalaska, Wisconsin, and Franklin, Georgia. At NorthStock, we carry well over a thousand L.B. White heater parts and units, and our customer care team is equipped to answer your questions about these climate control solutions. As a leader in HVAC distribution, we're proud to partner with innovative companies like L.B. White to provide the highest-quality heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Contact us to learn more about L.B. White heaters and parts.