Hot Water Coils

When you need a hot water coil for your forced air system, there's usually no time to waste. As a leader in the replacement hot water coil market, NorthStock, Inc. maintains a wide selection of standard solutions and booster coils from top manufacturers that are ready to ship quickly, so you can get your replacement in place.

Our standard options are leak tested in a water tank, and we can match your existing coil or piping arrangement connections. Take a closer look at the hot water coils from RAE Corp:

You'll notice a wealth of information included with each product listing to ensure you choose the right hot water coils. Browse product literature, photos, availability and lead time, features, and transparent low pricing. You'll need to choose your connection location as well as your desired production cycle—the four-week production cycle is standard, while the expedited two-week or one-week options come with an additional cost. Reach out and we will send you a quote.

If you don't see what you need among these options, download the seven blank coil templates, fill out the Hot Water Coil Template and e-mail it to We can provide detailed quotes as quickly as we can ship a product. Custom solutions can include special fin materials, copper tubing, casing depths or materials, drain pans, insulated coil boxes, special coatings, and much more.

Northstock is a leading distributor for heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions. Our customer care team holds unrivaled industry knowledge, and your purchase is supported with friendly service both before and after the transaction. Contact us to learn more about our hot water coils or to place your order.