Commercial and industrial misting fans are ideal for cooling small areas in a well-ventilated space, typically outside. They're especially effective in hot, dry climates, and you may see them in open-air shopping centers, restaurant and bar patios, summer sporting events, fairs, festivals, wedding receptions and birthday parties, parks and recreational areas, and outdoor work sites or construction spaces.

Our selection of OSHA-approved commercial misting fans are portable and offer fan only or fan and mist cooling options by leading manufacturers TPI and XPOWER. Take a closer look at each top-quality model to determine which is the best fit for your application:

About Commercial and Industrial Misting Fans

The comfort of your employees or your patrons is of the utmost importance. In some cases, poor temperature control can ruin an event, cause health issues for workers, or give people a reason not to return to your establishment. Portable misting fans are an efficient, on-demand cooling solution in a wide range of outdoor applications, and they provide a simple way to help ensure the comfort of your employees or visitors. 

Both TPI and XPOWER are trusted manufacturers known for innovative solutions, exceptional efficiency, and safety. At NorthStock, we're proud to include misting solutions from these companies in our inventory.

The TPI PM-18C power mister is a portable misting system featuring a toggle switch that allows for fan only operation or fan with misting operation. The 18-inch aluminum blade is protected by spiral front and rear wire guards. The one-speed motor is permanently lubricated and totally enclosed, and the unit meets OSHA standards. The cart and the 10-gallon cooler are included. If you already have a 10-gallon Igloo cooler, choose the PM-18FO fan and pump lid instead. 

The XPOWER FM-48 is a three-speed sealed motor industrial and commercial misting fan that's trusted as an ideal outdoor cooling solution for patios, pool and picnic areas, and athletic events as well as gardens and greenhouses to keep your plants healthy and happy as the summer temperatures rise. You can attach a garden hose for long-term use without having to worry about refilling, and the four nozzles create a cool zone that's up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the ambient temperature. Inline GFCI protection guards against electrical shock. Without the misting feature, this portable solution can also be used for drying and ventilation with 135-degree rotational positions. The FM-68 is another energy-efficient three-speed model with oscillating and tilting options.  

Whether you're looking for high-pressure misting fans, portable misting systems, or patio misting solutions, NorthStock carries the commercial and industrial misting fans you need to create cool zones for outdoor vending booths, restaurant patios, sporting events, festivals, job sites, and more. Because commercial misting fans require less energy than many traditional portable air conditioning units, they're a cost-effective choice for organizations of all sizes. 

At NorthStock, we want you to make informed HVAC decisions, which is why we include as much information as possible in each product listing. Look for clear photos and descriptions, product literature, and transparent, factory-direct pricing (with high-volume pricing available if you contact us before placing a large order). We carry only new units and parts, never refurbished or factory-second, and all orders come with fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states. For even faster service, choose an expedited shipping option at checkout. 

As a leading HVAC distributor, we maintain a large inventory of heating, cooling, and ventilation units, replacement parts, and accessories, including industrial misting fans for outdoor cooling applications. Contact us to learn more about commercial misting solutions and place your order today.