Floor-mounted drop-in heaters are efficient and easy to install, and they're common in offices, hallways, and more. They're often a go-to solution when it's not possible to mount a heater on the wall or the ceiling, or when there's no space for a large heating unit. Electric floor heaters are also used as a secondary source of heating in drafty rooms, under large windows, or in an entryway.

We offer floor heaters from QMark and Markel, two of the top names in HVAC manufacturing. Take a look at each model and see which one is right for your space:


Floor-Mounted Drop-In Heaters

Each drop-in heater is listed with transparent pricing, availability and lead time, product literature (like product catalogs and installation guides), and more so you can easily compare products and make an informed purchasing decision. Our dedicated customer care team is always standing by to answer your questions.

Before you place your order, you'll be asked to confirm you have the voltage and amperage that's compatible with your chosen electric floor heater, and you can add the required thermostat or indicate you'll be purchasing it elsewhere. It's an extra step we take to ensure we get your order right the first time to help you save time and hassle.

We offer fast, free shipping in the lower 48 states on every order; expedited shipping is available at checkout. Our low pricing is always on new items (never refurbished or factory-second), and we combine that with volume discounts. If you're placing a big order, contact us first to learn more.

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