When you need an efficient, permanent cooling solution for a single space, commercial and industrial through-the-wall air conditioners are a great option. If a room gets a lot of direct sunlight or is full of heat-producing equipment, through-the-wall air conditioners can supplement the central HVAC system. They can also be used standalone and are especially common in hotel rooms, conference rooms, offices, and apartments.

Through-the-wall air conditioners are unobtrusive, easy to use, and surprisingly easy to install. They're affordable and can last a decade with proper maintenance. While window units have the advantage of being removable, some people prefer the through-the-wall unit simply because you're not blocking your view like you would with a window air conditioner. Aside from the temporary vs. permanent consideration, it might also depend on what your space is used for and what is on the other side of the wall.

At NorthStock, Inc., we carry the best through-the-wall air conditioners on the market. We work with trusted companies like Amana and GE to offer cooling solutions that are efficient, reliable and backed with top-notch customer service. Take a closer look at our through-the-wall AC models here:

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Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners

Through-the-Wall AC energy savings go beyond the efficiency of the unit itself. Because it's a standalone system, you're free to only condition occupied spaces. Additional modes may include fan only or dehumidifying, so you can customize your cooling needs to save money. You can purchase through-the-wall AC units with heating, as well, so they can be used all year long.

When choosing a commercial or industrial through-the-wall air conditioner, you have to look at the size of the room and how many people will be in it. Windows and the amount of direct sunlight the room gets is also a consideration. We have Amana and GE wall air conditioners ranging from 6,500 to over 12,000 Btu/h so you can find one that's right for your application. Choose from cooling only or cooling and heating via a heat pump or electric heat.

If the model you choose requires a sleeve, outdoor grill, or a particular power connection, you'll be asked to make that selection at checkout or confirm you already have what you need. You'll also see a list of optional accessories, such as spare filters, thermostats, and more. Informed purchasing is simple purchasing, and we want to help make your shopping experience as smooth as possible.

You'll see our competitive pricing—along with the invitation to contact us for special bulk pricing if you're placing high-volume orders. Shipping is always free in the lower 48 states, no matter the size of your order. We know you need your products quickly, our goals are to maintain large stock levels and ship as fast as possible. Warranties, catalogs, installation guides, and other product literature are all available on each product page.

If you have more questions about Amana or GE air conditioners, our highly skilled and experienced team is available to answer your questions. We can help you decide which unit is right for you.

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