We offer a huge selection of HVAC control dampers that are ready to ship FAST. HVAC control dampers are used in buildings to regulate the flow of air in an HVAC system. They can be used for intake, exhaust, or mixed air applications. There are 3 categories of control dampers – balancing dampers, bypass dampers and zone dampers.

HVAC dampers help to regulate and control the volume of air moving through duct systems. Control dampers are typically installed inside ductwork with low- to medium-airflow velocity. They can be used as positive shutoffs, and can also be used for automatic control in low-leakage HVAC systems. Backdraft dampers are low-leakage control dampers with spring-assisted blades that open to allow airflow in only one direction. They can be used to release hot exhaust from heating systems without allowing cold air inside.